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Since 2013 we've launched and scaled multiple 6 and 7 figure online businesses.

How have we done it?

By recruiting, training and delegating tasks to an army of epic content writers, link builders, and virtual assistants.

It hasn't been easy. Managing people is challenging, and we've been let down too many times to count. But with perseverance we've built an incredible team who get it, and slick processes that drive fast and effective results.

In 2018 we launched Contentellect to offer our team, expertise and systems to fellow online business owners and investors who are looking to scale their online presence.

We're not SEO gurus or fast-talking content marketers who have never actually scaled their own websites.

We're online business owners. We have a portfolio of successful websites that we've grown by focusing on two key crafts: Content & Links.  

SEO is not straightforward, and results are not guaranteed. But we know one thing for sure. Great quality content and powerful links are the backbone of a successful website.

Let's work in partnership to drive the growth, income and valuation of your business.

Meet the team



Jason leads Contentellect to help business owners and entrepreneurs scale their content, improve online visibility, and generate better financial returns.

megan firth

megan firth

head of Content

Megan joined as our first Account Manager in 2017. Today she manages the entire content operation, overseeing all our account managers, 100+ freelancers and 200+ clients!

kayla gallocher


Head of outreach

The indomitable Kayla is our Head of Outreach. From Haro to guest posting, she keeps the Contentellect link machine well-oiled for our clients and their ambitious SEO plans.

mila whitman



Mila heads up marketing at Contentellect. She manages our digital marketing efforts on our blog, social media and elsewhere, making sure we eat our own dog food.

adie marais


Account Manager

Adie has been with Contentellect since 2017. She manages a portfolio of clients spanning media, construction, HR and health & wellness.

sandy meier

sandy meier

Account Manager

In addition to being a supermom to twin girls, Sandy is an epic writer and has helped many of our clients go from zero to hero in the SERPs.  

raewyn sharp

Raewyn Sharp

Account manager

Raewyn has been with us since 2020. She looks after our bulk content campaign clients, and currently manages over 150k words a month 🤯.

nick fabre



Nick keeps the wheel turning for our bulk content and affiliate marketing clients, and knows how to turn clicks into conversions.



Account Manager

Abie joined Contentellect in 2021. Relentlessly helpful and creative, he loves to write while exploring sunny South Africa with his partner and their two brilliant dogs.

lindsay stevens

Lindsay Stevens

Account manager

Lindsay is a talented writer and copyeditor. She currently works with one of our major clients as an online content editor for their Learning Management System.


elaine luck-gouws

Virtual assistant

Elaine is an experienced executive virtual assistant. She currently works as an EVA for a senior executive at one of our major clients.


Tamsyn Dekenah


Tam started at Contentellect as a writer in 2019, before joining our account manager team in 2022. She brings a wealth of knowledge in finance and economics.

kayla dj

Kayla de jongh

Outreach Manager

After completing her Marketing Degree from Boston City Campus in 2018, Kayla first interned at Contentellect and then started working full-time as an outreach manager in 2022.

philip stevens contentellect

Philip stevens

Account Manager

Philip handles some of our bulk content campaigns. On the rare occasion that he’s not poring over content, you can find him thoroughly wrapped up in a murder mystery, or weeping over football results!

Our services

Copywriting Services

Blog Writing

Scale your SEO content to start dominating your niche and driving high value traffic to your website. See our content writing services.

eBook Writing & Creation

Done-for-you eBook creation, from writing to design. See our eBook writing services.

Product Descriptions

Scale you eCommerce or Shopify store with our conversion-focused eCommerce product descriptions.

Outreach Services

Link Building

Take the guess work and risk out of link building with our custom link building service. Get guest posts and link insertions from top quality sites. 

HARO Outreach

Score links using our white-hat HARO outreach service. Get links from sites with domain ratings in the 90s. See our HARO link building service.

As Seen On Services

Get "As seen on Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC" + 100 more sites with our As seen on service. Generate massive social proof that drives conversions.

Other Services

Social Media Marketing

Grow your brand, fans and engagement with our social media marketing service.

Virtual Assistants

Stop doing work that you shouldn't do. Delegate your repetitive procedural tasks to a reliable virtual assistant. See our VA services.

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Happy customers

Zaky Prabowo

CMO, Wetravel

“If you need any outside firm for blog management, look no further. I have worked with Contentellect for three years and I'm very satisfied with how they manage our blog. They listen to what we want, they push with new ideas, they work efficiently, and most importantly they create quality content that works for our target customers and speaks our brand."


Janine Krish

Marketing Manager, Betterez

"If you're looking for a company that can turn your business blog into a thriving resource center - a place where existing clients find value, and new visitors deeply engage with your brand, then look no further than Contentellect."


Benjamin Strusnik

CEO, GoldenWeb

“We outsource all of our agency content needs to Contentellect. Currently they are creating over 150,000 words of content for us a month - the quality is epic and they haven't missed a deadline. If you run an SEO agency I highly recommend them as a partner."


Tom de Spiegelaere

Affiliate Marketer

"The quality of the content is outstanding. Contentellect is our go-to source for affiliate content that actually ranks and converts."



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