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Contentellect has been helping SaaS companies and small businesses scale their website content since 2018. It all started when we realised the immense challenge involved in sourcing top-tier freelance writers from marketplaces like Upwork. The varying degrees of quality between writers made it difficult to build a reliable team who could produce a consistent and sustained output of great content.

So, we set about changing this.

We made it our mission to build a rockstar team of writers who would not only serve our business but also other businesses facing the same challenges. Since then we’ve been able to build a team of over 1,000 writers spanning a diverse range of industry expertise. Our rigorous vetting process means that only the best writers get to join the Contentellect team.

We call them the Contentellectuals.

Meet The Contentellectuals

mark whitman

mark whitman


Mark started Contentellect with a single aim - to help small business owners and entrepreneurs scale their content and generate better financial returns.

marc bromhall

marc  bromhall

co-founder / md

Marc is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Contentellect. Marc manages our growing team of account managers, writers and clients.

mila whitman

mila whitman


Mila is our Chief Marketing Officer at Contentellect. She manages all our digital marketing efforts on social media and elsewhere.

megan firth

megan firth


Megan joined as our first Account Manager in 2017. She a manages a portfolio of clients across travel, recruitment and financial services.


adie marais

account manager

Adie has been with Contentellect since 2017. She manages a portfolio clients spanning media, construction, HR and health & wellness.


courtney forster

account manager

Courtney joined Contentellect as an Account Manager in 2018. Today she manages a portfolio of banking & financial services clients.

ilhaam bardien



Ilhaam joined Contentellect in 2020 as an Account Manager. She currently looks after clients accounts across sales, marketing and operations.

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Are you a skilled writer?

At Contentellect we are always on the lookout for passionate and talented writers. If you think you have what a takes to join our writer network then apply below.

We look forward to reading your work!

Read what our clients say about us

Zaky Probowo

CMO, WeTravel

“If you need any outside firm for blog management, look no further. I have worked with Contentellect for over a year and I'm very satisfied with how they manage our blog. They listen to what we want, they push with new ideas, they work efficiently, and most importantly they create content that works for our target customers and speaks our brand."


Jannine Krish

Marketing Director, Betterez

"If you're looking for a company that can turn your business blog into a thriving resource center - a place where existing clients find value, and new visitors deeply engage with your brand, then look no further than Contentellect."


We create insightful blog content that drives traffic and sales.