Comprehensive AI-Writer Review – Is This AI Tool Worth It?

by Tom Kotze

We’re faced with loads of new and shiny AI writing tools today, so, this begs the question – should you use AI-Writer for generating your content?

In this AI-Writer review, I tested out all of the features of the platform first-hand. I tried generating a blog post to see how convenient the platform is and whether the content is a viable replacement for human writers.

If you’re considering an AI-Writer subscription, then be sure to follow this review first. All the pros and cons of using AI-Writer are broken down to help you decide whether the platform is really worth it.

What Is AI-Writer?

AI-Writer is an AI-generated content writing platform, designed to generate full-length article drafts.

The platform claims to be the only AI content writing tool that cites sources for everything it writes – which is certainly a useful feature considering many AI platforms can’t be fully trusted in terms of accuracy.

Like any generative AI tool, there are various use cases that AI-Writer offers. You can use the platform to generate full-length blog post drafts, as a research tool and personal assistant. You could also easily reword text with it.

Unlike many AI writing platforms, AI-Writer is also focused on SEO. The SEO-focused text editor helps you generate search engine-optimized writing based on specific keywords. This is a key aspect that sets AI-Writer apart from standard generative AI platforms.


Overall AI-Writer Review

I give AI-Writer 3 out of 5 stars.


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Generates entire articles
  • Includes all research sources
  • Offers some SEO functionality


  • The paid plans are expensive
  • Not much better than free AI writing tools
  • Requires ​​editing before content can be published


Overall, AI-Writer does everything it claims. It helps you generate entire articles with nothing more than a keyword or phrase as a prompt. The platform is very easy to use, and can even publish articles on WordPress for you.

While it’s a terrific tool for streamlining your workload and maximizing productivity, I wouldn’t say AI-Writer has the power to replace human writers.

The content has a strong AI feel to it, and nothing is particularly engaging or interesting. You’ll need to do a fair bit of editing before publishing any copy that will perform well in search engines.

So, if you’re looking for a tool to replace your writing efforts entirely, this is not it. If you’re looking for a tool to cut down on manual work and research while writing content, then AI-Writer is a winner.

My AI-Writer Experience

With so many different generative AI tools at our disposal, I wanted to discover which is best for generating content. So, I tried out AI-Writer to create a blog post to see how well it compares to other platforms.

This was my experience.

Signing Up

Getting started with AI-Writer is a straightforward process. When you navigate to the main website, the first thing you see is a search bar that says “Write an article about…”. That’s basically everything you need to get started.

AI-Writer review

I added my topic:

AI-Writer review

And got sent here to start my free trial:

AI Writer - Signing Up

Just add your email address, set your password, and you’re ready to go. No need for credit card details or selecting a plan – everyone gets started for free.

Now you’ll be logged in, where you can access the platform’s dashboard. The request made on the website’s home screen will be generated as your first article.

AI-Writer review


As you can see, getting started with AI-Writer is completely free. However, this is only a one-week free trial. Once this has expired, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Other AI writing platforms, like Copy AI, allow you to access a free version with limitations on how much content you can generate. I personally prefer this option to a limited-time free trial.

The three pricing plans available with AI-Writer are:

  • The Basic plan at $29 per month. This gives you access to a single user and lets you generate 40 articles per month.

  • The Standard plan at $49 per month. This can be used by three users and gives you access to 120 articles per month.

  • The Power plan at $375 per month. This can be used by ten users and gives you access to 1000 articles per month.

All plans include API access, WordPress publishing, the SEO editor, text rewording, and a (sub) topic discoverer. If you opt for a year subscription, you can access slight discounts.

AI Writer - Pricing

While the pricing options are varied, it does seem quite steep – especially considering there are free AI text generators on the market that do a satisfactory job.

Using AI-Writer

Let’s see if AI-Writer is worth subscribing to.

I’ll start by opening the article that the platform generated for my initial request. Here’s a screenshot of part of it:

AI-Writer review

Before even reading the article, there are two points that stand out:

  1. You get a comprehensive overview of the sources where information was pulled. This is very useful for fact-checking the article and making sure your information is credible.
  2. The entire article was far too short for the broad and competitive topic. Just going off the length of the article alone, this wouldn’t hold enough information to compete on the SERPs. However, you can increase the length of the article if you are on a paid plan.

We’ll get into the quality of the writing later. 

After reviewing the piece, you can rate it with a thumbs up or thumbs down. I would assume this helps the platform generate articles that better match your preferences.

You can also access the text editor, which looks like this:

AI Writer - Content Editor

AI Writer – Content Editor

This makes it easier to add to and edit the content.

If you want to generate another article, just go back to the main dashboard and type in your topic.

AI-Writer review

Let’s explore some of the other features that AI-Writer offers. These can be found in the left-side menu on the main dashboard:

AI Writer - Our Review

First, the text rewording tool. I’m going to use this on the intro text that AI-Writer generated for my article, as I felt the intro was weak. You just copy in the text and it records it for you in a separate text editor:

AI-Writer review

Here’s what it generated:

AI-Writer review

Not that different really.

This tool’s main focus is to generate “unique” content, which is why the platform provides an “estimated uniqueness” score on the rewritten copy.

While the tool is useful, the big downside is that you can’t provide any prompts as to how you want the text reworded. For example, some AI writing tools let you choose a specific tone for rewriting content.

Then there’s the subtopic discovery tool. You add in your main topic and discover related topics you can create content around. This is useful for planning your content strategy.

You just choose any relevant subtopics that the platform comes up with, and select to write complete articles on these.

AI-Writer review

To be honest, none of the subtopics are particularly unique, interesting, or different. If I had to publish articles on each one, I’d soon have a very boring and repetitive blog. But, after exploring more topics and ideas, I’m sure these features could prove their worth. 

The last feature that AI-Writer offers is “Publish to WordPress”. This lets you connect a WordPress site to the editor. Once you have approved and selected an article, the platform will automatically publish this to your WordPress site. 

The idea is fantastic, as it can save you a lot of time and effort. While I’d be slightly hesitant to give up my role in customizing each element of my blog posts, this uploading feature is absolutely useful.

Content Quality 

Now that we know what AI-Writer can do, let’s unpack whether the platform is worth investing in. 

I’ll start by saying that AI-Writer’s content feels exactly like what it is – content generated by AI. While you do get a comprehensive, fully researched article, the writing is still flat and does not stand out as engaging or interesting by any means.

The major advantage of using AI-Writer is that you can access the research sources, which is particularly helpful for adding backlinks to the content. However, I’d rather generate more engaging content and fact-check it manually. 

That being said, AI-Writer does everything it says on the tin. It generates unique, accurate content. Does this content meet the same level of quality that you’d get from a human content writing service? No.

Does the content make sense and provide all of the necessary information that you request? Yes.

Would I Publish This Copy? 

AI-Writer mentions on its website that you can use the platform to generate “entire article drafts”. The word “draft” is key here. 

While the articles are technically complete, they’re not worth publishing as they are. They need some help from a human to restructure some sentences and paragraphs and add new information. 

However, the bones of the article are certainly there. By changing up a few sections, doing some rewording, and adding more content, the articles could definitely be published. 

They’re not the same level of quality or uniqueness that you’d get from a human writer. However, as a fast and easy alternative, AI-Writer does provide a decent structure to build your content strategy around.

What Errors Did I Find? 

As already mentioned, the great thing about using AI-Writer is that you get all sources cited for you. This makes it easy to fact-check every statement the tool generates. 

There were no factual or grammatical errors that the platform produced. Some of the information could have been more relevant, but nothing was technically incorrect. 

What About SEO? 

The other big selling point of using AI-Writer is that the platform claims to be SEO-friendly. 

Unlike other generative AI tools that merely produce information, AI-Writer includes an SEO editor that can help you find the right words to include in your article. 

This is certainly not a comprehensive SEO tool as you’ll still need to use more advanced keyword research and content optimization platforms if you’re going to get your article ranking on page one. 

The generated content is a good start and framework, but it will still need some extra optimization and a significant amount of on-page SEO updates if you aim to get impressive rankings. 

AI-Writer Alternatives

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Tom Kotze

Tom is an experienced copywriter and content marketer. He has been writing for Contentellect since 2018, and has covered every niche under the sun. Tom has a hospitality background and was a restaurateur/coffee shop owner before starting his content marketing career.

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