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As Seen On PR Service

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With our "As seen on" PR service we'll get your business featured on affiliates of Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC News (+ 100 more news sites).

This is not only great for social proof and trust, but will also give your site an SEO boost.

Our service includes: 

  • A professional PR article written about your business.
  • Guaranteed distribution to over 100+ news sites, including affiliates of Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC.
  • Epic trust badges you can use on your website - see samples
  • Fast turnaround time (under 10 workings days)
  • Report with a link to every site where your article is featured.

We guarantee placement or you'll get your money-back.

Start improving your site conversions and lay a solid SEO backlink foundation.


I was super impressed with this As Seen On service. The article they wrote about my business was great, and in under 10 days it was published to over 250 sites - many of which are officially affiliated to the big news brands like Fox, CBS and NBC. 

Doug Wilson, Founder

Dotcom Limited

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How to get As Seen On

The process to get As Seen On is very simple. We write a press release about your business, distribute it to over 100+ news, radio and TV station websites, including affiliates of CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC news. Once your article goes live (usually within 10 days of ordering), you will get links to all your live articles and you can add the As Seen On trust banners to your website.

Step 1: We write a PR article about your business

We'll write a short article about your business using information you provide us at checkout. The article will include two links to your website - one branded link to your homepage and another to any page you want to mention. We'll share the draft with you for sign-off or revisions.

Step 2: We distribute your article to over 100+ news, radio and TV station websites

We'll then distribute your article to our wide network of news, radio and TV station websites. Many of these sites are affiliates of national news brands like Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and others. See sites here.

Step 3: We'll send you a detailed report with all your links 

We'll send you a pdf report with links to every publication that featured your article. We guarantee placement. You can now legitimately say your business has been As Seen On ABC CBS NBC Fox etc.

Still have questions? See our FAQ or...

As Seen On Banners

Our service includes artwork "As Seen On" banners for your website. Get social proof just like this...

As Seen On Dark - NBC, CBS, FOX
As Seen On Light NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX
As Seen On Horizontal FOX CBS NBC ABC

What sites will I be featured on?

Get guaranteed placement on 100+ sites, including affiliates of Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC News. Here are some of the sites in our network.

  • Fox 28
  • Fox 40
  • Fox 43
  • ABC News WAOW
  • ABC News WKOW


Make a one-time payment and get guaranteed placement on 100+ sites, including affiliates of CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC News.

Get As Seen On

100+ Sites, including Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC affiliates


  • 400-word article written about your business. Pre-approve copy before distribution. Unlimited revisions
  • Published to FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC affiliates
  • Guaranteed publishing to 100+ sites
  • Inclusion in Google News
  • "As Seen On" trust badges for your website
  • Report with live URLs
  • 10 working days TAT
  • Optional Add-On: Associated Press and Yahoo News

What's Included

Our online As Seen On services includes

PR Article

400-word article written about your business. Pre-approve the copy before distribution.

Fox, CBS, NBC etc.

Published to FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC affiliates.

100s of More Sites

We guarantee publishing to 100+ sites. See sites here.

Google News

Your article will be included in publications that are Google News publishers.

Banner Artwork and PDF Report

5 x banner artwork options and report with live URLs.

Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions for the article copy and a quick turnaround.


Read our FAQs about our As Seen On FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC service.

Does this work for any business?

Yes. Any business can use our As Seen On PR distribution service. It's particularly popular with software companies, eCommerce brands and local businesses that sell online. Any business that has an online presence that wants to establish trust by adding "As Seen On" logos to their website, should use this service. There are some businesses, niches and topics that don't work or are not allowed. See the next question for details.

Are there any businesses, industries or topics that are not accepted?

We can't accept businesses in controversial, offensive, objectionable, or illegal industries. These include but are not limited to, alcohol, dating, drugs, gambling, guns, investing schemes, multi-level marketing, pay-day-loans, sex (adult) and more.. 

We also can't accept any topics related to the following:

Note: This list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure your niche is allowed, please contact us before purchasing.

  • Dating apps or online dating websites
  • Negative news about any 3rd party person, company, government, country, religion, or race.
  • Adult and sex, including topics related to underwear, revealing undergarments
  • Forex trading
  • Money-making scams / MLM, or investing schemes
  • Guns / Weapons
  • Alcohol or Drugs, Marijuana, or CBD (including Cannabis or Legal CBD)
  • Tobacco / Vaping
  • Cosmetic procedures and body modification (i.e. Plastic Surgery)
  • Online gambling or sports betting
  • Loans, cash advances, or any lending schemes (pay-day loans)
  • Credit repair / debt settlement / debt management / credit health
  • Legal cases / litigation
  • Weight loss products, nutritional supplements or articles with medical claims
  • Buying likes followers and views for social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc
  • Articles containing affiliate marketing links or Hoplinks
  • Phone unlock / phone jailbreaking content
  • No links to websites flagged as potential malware threats
  • Hiring / auditioning for fashion models
  • Content related to Live streaming or broadcasting
  • Content related to COVID-19

What do you need from me to write the article?

We will write a general article about your business or it's products / services. To do this we need three things from you: 

  • Your website URL
  • A topic for the article (optional)
  • 1-2 quotes from you about your business or it's products

What will the article be about?

The article we write will either be about: 

  • Your business in general. We'll feature some of your products/services and cast your business in the best light without being "salesy".
  • A newsworthy topic if you have one. For example, the launch of a new product, raising funding, a new partnership or acquisition etc.

Can I review the article before it's published?

Yes. We will share the article copy with you before distributing it to our network partners. The article needs to be in a specific format and have a required length, so we can't change these things, but if you have any edits to the copy we offer unlimited revisions. 

How many revisions of the copy do I get?

Unlimited revisions. We will get the article perfect for you.

How fast will my article be distributed and published?

Your article will be published to over 100+ sites within 10 working days of ordering.

Will my article be published as a blog post or press release?

Articles are published as press releases not blog posts.

Will I get published on the main Fox, NBC, CBS websites?

No. The main Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC News websites are reserved for national news. Your article will be published on local affiliates of these sites. For example, local news, TV and radio stations like Fox28 and Fox43 (local Fox affiliates), WREX and WGEM (NBC affiliates), and WXOW and WSI (ABC News) etc.

Can I put "As Seen On" logos on my website?

Yes. As you have an article on many local affiliate websites from Fox, NBC, CBS etc, you can legitimately say you have been seen on these sites. And you will have the proof to back up that claim.

Can you share the sites you publish the article on?

Sure. Click here.

How long will my article stay on these site?

This varies dramatically. Some sites will keep your article live indefinitely, whereas others may remove press releases after a few months. Contentellect will never remove your article but we unfortunately can't control the policies and practices of each site. What won't change is your claim that you've been seen on some of these major sites.

Can I make edits to the article after it's published?

No. Once an article is live, we unfortunately can't make any changes. That's why we send you the draft copy for your sign-off before distributing it.

Will the links I get be DoFollow?

No. Almost all the links will be NoFollow. This is as per Google's guidelines and most sites enforce it. 

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