Is BKA Content Worth It? Full BKA Content Review

by Tom Kotze

I recently placed an order through BKA Content to test the quality of their service. 

BKA Content is a platform that offers fully managed content services, monthly blog subscriptions, as well as self-service content orders. 

For this BKA Content review, I tried a self-service order to see what the whole experience looked like. This includes a detailed look into the ordering process and the overall quality of the content.

Is BKA Content worth it?

Follow my full review to find out.

Overall BKA Content Review

I give BKA Content 3 stars out of 5.


  • Easy and efficient ordering process
  • Options for self-service and fully managed content
  • Two pricing options are available
  • You can add extras to your content (like keyword research and social media posts)


  • Editing requires an additional fee
  • There is a big gap between pro and standard prices
  • No control over who writes your content for you


I was generally happy with my BKA Content experience. Ordering a blog post was really easy and straightforward, and the content was delivered and edited pretty efficiently. However, the actual quality of the content did leave room for improvement. Maybe if I had ordered a Pro blog post, or used a managed service, I would have received a higher quality article. That being said, there were no major red flags. I also like the options for keyword research and social media marketing, which many professional content writing services don’t offer for a standard order.

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Rated Excellent

BKA Reviews (3rd Party Reviews)

I wanted to start this BKA Content review by looking at what other clients have said about the service. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any 3rd party reviews available. 

Nothing on TrustPilot, nothing on G2, and not much else available. Besides a few Reddit threads (mostly about working for BKA Content) I didn’t have much information going into this BKA Content review. 

Not a great start.

My BKA Content Experience

For this BKA Content review, I ordered a blog post to see what the ordering process and quality of the content was like. 

BKA Content offers two different types of blog posts. These are Standard blog posts, and Pro blog posts. The Pro blog posts are written by higher-level writers on more detailed, complex topics. Both types of blog posts are optimized for relevant keywords.

For this BKA Content review, I chose a Standard blog post. This was my experience.

Signing Up

BKA Content has a very informative website that guides you along the signup process. I chose the basic self-service package as I only wanted a single piece of content. Monthly subscriptions and managed content services are also available if you want more input from the writers. 

To get started, you click on ‘Buy Content’ and then choose the type of content you want. There’s a good range of content available, including things like eCommerce descriptions, social media content, press releases, web pages, and different types of blog posts. 

For this BKA Content review, I chose a standard blog post.


Buying a blog post with BKA Content is a really simple and straightforward process. Instead of having to sign up and order your content through a profile, you just buy pieces of content the same way you would buy something through an eCommerce store. You add your blog post to your cart, tick the right boxes, and check out. Simple. 

With most other content writing services, like or ContentFly, you manage your orders through an online profile. The BKA Content approach seems to be easier.


As I mentioned earlier, there are all kinds of different content options to order, each with its own price. This ranges from Standard blog content to custom subscriptions and managed services. 

Standard blog posts, like the one I ordered, cost 7.5c (USD) per word, at a minimum of 110 words. If you choose a Pro blog post, it will cost 13c per word. Monthly subscriptions that are strategy-based and SEO-optimised start at $195 per month.

bka content order process

Creating Your Order

Ordering a piece of blog content was a really simple process. 

I just filled out a quick form with all of my requirements and added this to my cart. When doing this, you choose the word count, whether you require editing (at an additional 1.5 cents per word), SEO add-ons, and social/marketing add-ons.

I chose 1010 words with editing, and I included a meta description and title tag, as well as keyword research for an additional $5. I left out the social media post and stock image. Having these options with each order is a great feature.

Once you check out, you pay for your order (my total was $98.40) and an email is sent to you with a form. You just fill out the form with all of the details and instructions for your content, and that's it

Turnaround Time

BKA Content makes it clear that turnaround times are typically between 7 - 10 business days. My content arrived in my inbox after 7 days, so I was happy. 

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Rated Excellent

Content Quality

So far, ordering a blog post through BKA Content has been a good experience. Now it’s time for the most important part of this BKA Content review - how good the quality of the content is. 

I ordered a 1010 word blog article. Here are my thoughts on the content I received.

Would I Publish This Article?

When I first received the article, I requested a few edits. These were returned to me the following day. Once the first draft was edited, I just needed to make a few small adjustments to the tone of voice and style. Otherwise, I was happy with the content.

I’m definitely glad that I included editing because the first draft certainly needed it. When it came back the second time, the overall quality was much better. 

The writer had included all instructions that I had left. The topic was properly structured into sections that made sense. All headings were properly formatted, and the keywords were correctly used. I requested the keyword strategy to match what we do at Contentellect, because I know this works. 

Overall, I was happy. Although, the blog post was really simple, and it didn’t require an expert to write it. If I had chosen a Pro blog article, I’m sure I would have received something a bit more insightful.

What Errors Did I Find?

I already mentioned that the first draft needed editing. There were some grammar mistakes, as well as an irrelevant section that needed to be replaced. 

The second draft was error-free. Grammarly gave the article the all-clear, the Copyscape plagiarism score was perfectly acceptable, and the keywords research and usage were done correctly. The meta title and description met the correct word count. 

Everything that I had requested was there.

Customer Service

Requesting edits was easy, and I received them very quickly. Other than that, not much communication or customer service was required for my order. 

Ordering a Standard blog post through BKA Content is similar to purchasing any product online, and no human contact is required. Fully managed subscriptions are also available for those who want more involvement with the content writing team.

BKA Content does have a very helpful website, so all of my questions were already answered before I placed my order. 

BKA Content Alternatives

I hope this BKA Content review answered all of your questions. If you thought it was helpful, you might want to check out some of our other content writing service reviews.

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Tom Kotze

Tom is an experienced copywriter and content marketer. He has been writing for Contentellect since 2018, and has covered every niche under the sun. Tom has a hospitality background and was a restaurateur/coffee shop owner before starting his content marketing career.

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