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How To Execute Sustainable Content Marketing

sustainable content marketing

Well, firstly, you might be asking what the Michelin Guide has to do with this topic. Quite a lot actually. The Michelin Guide epitomises sustainable content marketing. Sustainable in the sense that it’s been able to maintain its status and relevancy for more than a hundred years. First published in 1900, its founding premise was […]

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Top 5 Ad Innovations To Emerge From Google Marketing Live 2019

GML 2019

Google Marketing Live recently concluded, and like Facebook they had some big announcements to make on their advertising products for 2019. As one part of the global advertising duopoly which commands over 50% market share, Google know that in order to continue to grow that number, their ad products need to continue to evolve. Here […]

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How To Manage A Team Of Writers

managing a writing team

Once all the hard yards have been done in building a writing team, there is another marathon to run in the form of managing your writers. Without attentive management a writing team can very quickly become complacent which consequently can produce second rate writing. Your SOP’s will underpin effective writer management. Well structured SOP’s will […]

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How To Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)


A standard operating procedure (SOP) according to Wikipedia is a set of step-by-step instructions compiled by an organization to help workers carry out complex, but routine operations. You may be thinking, yes, but writing is not that complex of an operation so why would SOP’s be necessary for managing a writing team? SOP’s can be […]

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The Evolution Of Content Marketing

the evolution of content marketing

It is often argued that content marketing has been around for centuries, many early examples cited include the likes of John Deere, Michelin, Lego and Nike. These brands were certainly practicing an early form of content marketing. One which focussed on adding genuine value to the user with a long term focus on user-brand affinity. […]

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How To Develop A Content Strategy

how to develop a content strategy

Companies publish more content than ever before. New content teams have been created to stay on top of consumption demands of prospects and customers. But is more always better? Let’s step back and make sure your publishing schedule sits on top of a strong content marketing strategy – one that is rooted in business goals […]

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8 Companies Changing Content Marketing

Companies Changing Content Marketing

Want to run great content marketing campaigns? It starts with having a thorough and well thought out content creation strategy. The good news is that there is more technology than ever that will help you understand what your audience responds to – that will loop back into the content creation process. Want to get started […]

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Hiring and Onboarding A Writing Team

Hiring and Onboarding A Writing Team

We always advise first having a skype call with every candidate before making a hiring decision. The call simply validates who they are. You don’t want to end up in a situation where a person or company is outsourcing the writing work to another writer. Once we were happy with how the candidates spoke over […]

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How To Recruit A Successful Content Writing Team

How To Recruit A Content Writing Team

Don’t make the mistake of so many others by looking to Upwork, Fiverr and other gig economy platforms as the holy grail of outsourcing. This will only result in short term gain and long term pain. We’ve been there and done that. If you want to build a team of truly amazing writers then you’ll […]

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