CopyAI Review – How Good Is CopyAI Content?

by Tom Kotze

I used CopyAI to write a blog post and test out how good this AI writer is.

In this CopyAI review, I’ll run through my experience using the platform, how it works, and how good the quality of AI-powered writing is.

Is CopyAI worth it? Follow the full CopyAI review to find out.

What is CopyAI?

CopyAI is a platform to help writers generate content. The platform has many different tools available for all kinds of copywriting needs. This covers everything from long-form blog articles to tone rephrasing tools, sales copy generators, and more.copyai-review

Overall CopyAI Review

I give CopyAI 3 out of 5 stars.


  • A very wide range of writing tools available
  • Good value
  • Free version available
  • Very easy to use


  • Writing quality could be improved
  • Not the best AI writer for SEO


CopyAI is one of the best AI writing tools if you’re looking for a wide range of applications. The tool offers good value, it’s very easy to use, and it can help you with just about any writing job you can think of. Unfortunately, the quality of the content sometimes misses the mark. Anything written with CopyAI will still need to be edited by a human writer.

CopyAI 3rd Party Reviews

Trustpilot Reviews

At the time of writing this CopyAI review, the software had a 3.7-star average on Trustpilot (see here). Although, there were only two reviews on this site so it’s really not a lot to go by. However, the two reviews were very positive.

copyai trustpilot reviews

Facebook Reviews

CopyAI also has a few really positive reviews on Facebook (see here) with a 5-star average.  Although there aren’t many third-party reviews out there for this platform, most reviews seem positive.copyai facebook reviews

My CopyAI Experience

I used CopyAI to write a blog post. In this CopyAI review, I’ll take you through the process of using the software, how much it costs, and how good the quality of content is.

Signing Up

Getting started with CopyAI is a very simple process.

Users get to access a free 7-day trial, which is a huge bonus. All you need to do is click to start your free trial. You’ll just have to fill in your basic information (email address, name, password) and you’re good to go.

Now you will have access to your dashboard where you can start your AI writing projects.


Like I mentioned above, CopyAI offers a 7-day free trial. This is a really helpful feature, as it allows all users to get a feel for the software before making a decision to purchase.

Once you’ve finished your free trial, you can choose between two plans.

The Solo plan costs $35 per month and is suitable for a single user. Then there is the custom plan for multiple users. This is priced according to how many users you will have, and it includes collaboration features.

This is pretty good value compared to AI writer tools like Jarvis and Frase, although it’s still not as affordable as Rytr.

copyai pricing

Using CopyAI

CopyAI is a very straightforward tool to use. When you log into the platform, you will access your dashboard with all of the available AI writing tools listed on the left column.

copyai review dashboard

CopyAI offers a good range of tools for all kinds of applications.

These include blog writing tools as well as tools for website copy, social media, email content, ad copy, sales copy, and plenty more.

There are even brainstorming tools to help you come up with ideas. It’s safe to say that CopyAI has one of the most extensive ranges of writing tools available.

copyai writing tool

For this CopyAI review, I focused on the platform’s blog writing abilities.

To get started, you create a new project, and then you choose your tools.

First, I used the blog outline generator. This was pretty basic. You add in your blog title, a basic description, and hit “create copy”.

copyai review creating content

Compared to other AI writing tools, the result wasn’t that impressive.

CopyAI offers a few different options that you can scroll through and select.

Unfortunately, they were all very short and broad. I would have liked to see the tool break down the blog outline into different headings and subheadings, instead of just providing three general sections.

Anyway, I chose an outline and copied it over to the document on the right side of the screen.

copyai content quality

Then I thought I’d start with an intro.

Luckily CopyAI has an intro writing tool. Some platforms, like Frase, don’t have intro writing abilities.

Again, I put in my title and a brief description of the blog post, and a couple of different intro options were generated.

The first option was terrible, fitting four lines into a single sentence. The second option was pretty good, so I copied it over to my document.

blog articles on copyai

As you can see, this isn’t going to win any writing awards, but it’s a good start. I can already tell that CopyAI’s writing abilities aren’t as natural as other tools like Jarvis or Rytr. The sentences are long, and they sound a bit robotic.

To fill in the body text you use the Bullet Point to Blog Section tool. This actually worked really well. What you do is add the blog topic and the point of your paragraph, and CopyAI will generate a quick summary of this section.

I went ahead with the first section of the outline.

blog article copyai

And this is what it wrote:

copyai for blogging

Not too bad.

Again, CopyAI generates a couple of different options for you, but this one seemed to be the best.

Of course, this section will need a fair amount of work to break it up and improve the flow of writing.

However, the information is all there, it just needs some refinement.

All of the other sections were written in the same way. If you want additional information, you can just create a new header and get the tool to generate content underneath it.

I then tried the conclusion writer.

Again, this is a helpful feature that not all AI writing tools offer. You use it the same way as the intro writer and can choose between a variety of options that are generated.

blog conclusions on copyai

Not bad, but not perfect. I’d say this is an excellent foundation, but it will need some work.

As I said, CopyAI has loads of different tools available. One of them that I was curious about was the keyword generator.

All you do is add in your blog title/topic, and the tool generates a bunch of different keyword options for you.

These are all pretty good keywords and can be very helpful with structuring a blog post and coming up with content ideas.

However, no keyword data (such as search volume or difficulty) is displayed. This isn’t very helpful from an SEO perspective.

more copyai examples

Content Quality

CopyAI is a great platform to use. It’s straightforward, there are many different writing tools available, and you get a range of opinions with each option of the content generated.

The most important part of this CopyAI review is how good the content actually is.

In short, CopyAI is good, but certainly not great.

It definitely won’t be able to replace a human writer, and it’s not as good at writing as tools like Jarvis. However, CopyAI will be able to save many writer hours of time on research, coming up with ideas, and getting the writing started.

For an AI writer, it’s really not bad. Most of the information the tool generates makes sense, and most of the points you need to be included in your articles are there.

However, the writing itself is lacking, and it will need a human touch.

The sentences are long, they don’t flow well into each other, and everything just sounds a bit too stiff. There can also be a few random additions that don’t make sense according to your topic (for example, my article outline included a section on baby boomers loving wine).

With a little bit of work, the content could get up to standard though.

Would I Publish This Article?

I wouldn’t publish it as it’s written, but I would use most of the main points included.

Like other AI writing tools, CopyAI isn’t quite ready to replace human content writing services. It’s a good tool for assisting the writing process, saving time, and helping you overcome writer’s block, but it can’t be trusted as an independent writer.

That being said, I was happy with most of what CopyAI generated. All of the sections needed a bit of polishing up, but there wasn’t much that was outright terrible. I’d certainly use CopyAI to generate blog posts for me, but I’d give them a thorough editing before publishing. This would still be a major time saver.

What Errors Did I Find?

A few slight errors popped up. There was the very occasional grammatical error, and a few passages didn’t make much sense. Out of all the sections I chose and copied to my document though, no errors were present.

CopyAI makes use of spell-checking software and plagiarism software to ensure all of the content is error-free.

What About SEO?

CopyAI is a writing tool, not an SEO tool. It’s got loads of cool writing features, but everything it produces isn’t necessarily optimized for search engines.

Sure, the content is based on top search results, and the platform recognizes keywords, but it doesn’t completely optimize everything. It would be a good idea to run your content through an additional SEO tool to make sure.

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Tom Kotze

Tom is an experienced copywriter and content marketer. He has been writing for Contentellect since 2018, and has covered every niche under the sun. Tom has a hospitality background and was a restaurateur/coffee shop owner before starting his content marketing career.

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