Jarvis Review (now called Jasper) – How Good Is Their AI Writing Software

by Tom Kotze

When it comes to the best AI writing tools, Jarvis (now called Jasper) is on the top of most lists.

I decided to try out the software myself to see if it’s really worth it.For this Jasper review, I used the AI writer to create a blog post.

I’ll outline my entire Jasper experience to help you figure out just how good this platform actually is. If you’re considering using Jasper for your business, then follow this Jasper review to see how this tool really works.

Note: I use Jarvis and Jasper interchangeably in this review as the original was written before the brand name change.

jarvis ai review

What is Jarvis?

Jarvis is a popular AI writing tool. The platform can generate all kinds of content at the click of a button – making it easy for anyone to create high-quality written content. This includes web copy, blog posts, marketing content, and just about anything else you can think of.

Overall Jasper AI Review

I give the Jarvis AI writing tool 4.5 out of 5 stars.


  • Jarvis produces high-quality AI content
  • Many different writing options and templates are available
  • You can choose the writing tone of voice
  • Includes integrations with SurferSEO, Copyscape, and Grammarly
  • Very easy to use


  • Still needs a human touch


Jarvis is genuinely a very impressive AI writing tool. The content that the tool produces is surprisingly good. I would even say that it can match the quality of many human writers. The platform offers a lot of different content writing options, there are great support and training videos available, and it’s all very user-friendly. As far as a AI writing assistant goes, I would put Jarvis at the top of the list.

Jasper 3rd Party Reviews

Trustpilot Reviews

With a 4.8 star average on Trustpilot, things are looking good for Jarvis (see here). Users rave about how useful the software is to help them write quality content. Finding any negative feedback about Jarvis is difficult.

jarvis ai trustpilot reviews

G2 Reviews

At the time of writing this Jarvis review, the platform has an impressive 4.8 star average on G2 (see here). Most users left reviews along the lines of “once you try Jarvis you never go back”.

See all Jasper reviews.

jarvis ai writing g2 review

My Jarvis Experience

Jarvis is the most popular AI writing tool out there.

From my experience using Jarvis, I’ll cover how the AI writer works, how good the content quality is, and whether I think Jarvis is worth it.

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Signing Up

Jasper is one of the easiest platforms to get started on. You just fill out your basic details to create a profile, add in your business info, and select how you plan on using Jasper.

jarvis ai sign up process

Then it’s simply a matter of choosing your plan (Jasper has two plans available), filling out your payment details, and you’re all set to go.


Jasper has two different pricing plans. These are the “Starter” plan for $29/month, and the “Boss Mode” plan for $119/month.

jarvis ai pricing

Although the pricing is pretty fair, Jasper is the most expensive AI writer tool out of the ones I tested.

Sure, the Starter option is affordable, but you don’t get too much from this. The most in-demand tool from Jarvis is the long-form writing assistant, which can help you create entire blog posts. This is only available in “Boss Mode”.

The Starter option has some cool functions, like access to over 39 templates, but it is rather limited as an AI writer.

If you’re not sure about using Jarvis, the platform does offer a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Using the Jarvis AI Writer

Jarvis is a very intuitive tool. All you need to do is log into your dashboard, and you’ll be able to access all kinds of templates and AI writing options.

jarvis ai dashboard

The templates and tools include everything from sales copy generators to an SEO writer, blog writing tools, web copy tools, social media writers, and more.

For this Jarvis review, I focused on the blog writer.

Here are some of the blog templates available:

jarvis review

With the “Boss Mode” subscription, you can also create new docs, just like you would with Google Docs, and the AI writer generates long-form content for you. This allows you to write entire blog posts at the click of a button. But first, let’s start with the outline.

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Jarvis has a blog post outline generator that allows you to add your topic or title, and the tone of voice you want the blog post written in. Then the platform will generate an outline for you.

Jarvis says that this tool works best on listicles or “how-to” style blog posts, so I went ahead with the topic “10 Benefits of Content Marketing”.

This is what I got:

jarvis writing software

Pretty good.

In fact, I would say excellent if it gave me a list of 10 instead of 5.

The information is on point, and it’s written well.

The tone of voice feature adds a really cool benefit here.

Next, on to the intro.

Unlike AI writers like Frase, Jasper has a dedicated blog post intro writer. Again, you add your topic and tone of voice. This time you can also add in who your audience is.

This is what I got for an intro to this blog post:

jarvis writing sample

Ok, I’m starting to get a little bit scared that robots will come for my job.

This intro is nearly exactly what I would want. It introduces and outlines the topic, and it reads like it was written by a human writer.

And if you don’t like the first intro, Jarvis generates a couple of different intro options which you can find below.

All of them are good.

I would expand on the intro slightly, break up the text a bit, and include my keywords in there. I also think the intro Jarvis generated needs a stronger opening line.

However, the bulk of it is there.

And just like the intro, Jarvis also does conclusions.

Take a look at what it generated for me:

jarvis ai samples


With this feature, you add in all of the main points your article covers, and include a CTA that you want to close with. The AI writer will fill in all of the rest.

Again, I’d do a few minor tweaks to bring this up to standard, but it’s a really solid base for a strong conclusion.

The entire body of your blog post can also be written by Jarvis if you have a Boss Mode subscription. All you do is set up your outline (you can do this manually or use the outlines created by Jarvis), and then Jarvis will fill out all of your content for you.

This works well, but you can’t just click “write” and end up with a perfect blog post.

This AI writer is more of an assistant to help you generate ideas and get your content started.

For a complete blog post, you will still need a human to fill in some of the gaps, add to the content, and refine what was written.

Jarvis’s writing abilities don’t end here.

You can also use the tool to create meta titles and descriptions for your content, you can craft emails, create product descriptions, write sales copy, and more. You can also use the content improver to upload an existing piece of copy and have it enhanced.

And the really cool thing about Jarvis is that you don’t just treat it like a software tool – it’s your own personal writing robot.

With Boss Mode, you can type very specific commands into your doc for Jarvis to do, and these will be instantly taken care of.

Content Quality

I don’t think any AI writer tools are as good as Jarvis when it comes to quality. I was really impressed throughout this entire Jarvis review with everything that was generated.

All of the information the tool generated was on-point. Jarvis covered the correct topics and included relevant factual insights.

The AI writer also did a fantastic job of writing like a human. The sentences flowed well, everything made sense. Overall, it sounded natural.

Some work is definitely required to get your content sounding completely human, but for an AI tool, the writing style was very impressive. The option to choose your tone of voice really enhances this.

Would I Publish This Article?

I wouldn’t publish it exactly as Jarvis generated it, but I would definitely publish the bulk of what was written.

After a bit of editing, Jarvis produced some high-quality content. It’s important to understand that this content isn’t going to be ground-breaking. It is written by a robot, so you won’t be able to explore topics in-depth and include insights or anecdotes the same way that a human writer would. If you’re publishing a straightforward blog post that requires basic explanations, then this tool is excellent.

I would use Jarvis to help me research and structure content, rephrase content, and get my writing started. However, I wouldn’t use Jarvis to write a blog post from start to finish without any assistance.

It’s certainly a helpful tool, but it won’t replace real writers.

What Errors Did I Find?

There were two occasions where it was clear that an AI tool had generated the content. These passages included redundant information that I deleted. Other than that, Jarvis does a great job of being error-free.

This is because Jarvis Boss Mode comes with Grammarly and Copyscape features integrated into the software. All content is automatically checked for grammar and plagiarism mistakes.

What About SEO?

Jarvis Boss Mode also comes with a Surfer SEO integration. This allows you to easily and effectively optimize any content that Jarvis generates.

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Tom Kotze

Tom is an experienced copywriter and content marketer. He has been writing for Contentellect since 2018, and has covered every niche under the sun. Tom has a hospitality background and was a restaurateur/coffee shop owner before starting his content marketing career.

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