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by Jason Smit is an AI checker and plagiarism detector. With AI-generated content taking over the internet, it’s becoming increasingly important for websites to focus on originality and human-generated content.

So, using a tool like this is useful for boosting your content marketing efforts.

But how accurate and reliable is Does the platform pick up on AI content, and can you use it to help your website performance?

We explore this all in our complete review below.

What Is is an AI content checker and plagiarism detector for content marketers.

The platform is designed to “read” written content and detect what parts have been generated by platforms like Chat GPT, Bard, GPT-4, or AI paraphrasing tools.

The platform has been specifically designed for content marketers, publishers, SEOs, agencies, and writers to help them understand how present AI-generated content is and how they can turn any AI-generated content into a more “human” version.

If you own a website, you might want to protect it from AI-generated content and only publish content you know the originality of. By using a tool like, you should also be able to check whether your content is plagiarism-free.

The platform can perform bulk site scans, too, to help you scan the entire contents of your site to pick up on any AI-generated pieces. This is useful for anyone doing a complete website content audit. Features includes three main features.

AI Content Detection

The platform’s core function scans content and detects whether any parts have been AI-generated.

The tool provides an originality score and helps you understand your content’s overall quality and originality. You can run these scans on specific pages or snippets of content, or you could run them over your entire site.


The platform also includes a readability score whenever you run a plagiarism scan with This can help you understand how well the content comes across. It is essential for determining its likelihood of ranking on search engines.

Readability recommendations are provided, which come directly from Google Search results. The recommended readability is compared to your current content to help you find ways to optimise it.

Plagiarism Detector

This was the original function of The platform features a plagiarism detector, scoring your content based on uniqueness.

The plagiarism detector provides an easy-to-understand plagiarism percentage. It highlights areas of the text that could be considered plagiarised. This makes it easy to identify which areas of your text you want to change to help you develop more original content.

Overall Review

I gave 2 out of 5 stars.


  • A very straightforward and easy-to-use platform
  • Generates reports that are easy to understand


  • The accuracy of the reports is questionable
  • No free version is available
  • It can get expensive if you want to scan large websites Third-Party Reviews

First, let’s look at what other users say about the platform.

At the time of this review, the platform had a 1.6-star average on Trustpilot. This is far from a positive sign.

Reviewers made a significant point about how the platform flags human-generated content and cannot distinguish between AI-generated and human-generated content.

The platform has a slightly more compelling rating on Facebook at 3.7 stars (see here).

Many other external reviews mention the inconsistency of the platform and how it tends to flag human-written content.

Let’s try the platform first-hand to see how true this is.

Our Experience

Signing Up

Signing up for is a pretty straightforward process.

Hit “Sign Up” on the website, and enter your name, email address, and password. Then, you are redirected to a pricing page where you can choose your pricing plan.

Add your credit card details, pay for your plan, and you’re ready.

Pricing offers two pricing plans. These are:

  • Pay as You Go Starter: $30 one-time payment
  • Base Subscription: $14.95 per month review

The one-time payment is helpful if you want to see what the platform can do and perform a once-off scan. However, the features of this plan are limited, as you cannot do things like full site scans or scans from a URL.

The once-off payment is also limited to 3000 credits, where 1 credit equals a scan of 100 words.

The base subscription makes more sense for anyone regularly using this tool. You get access to all the features and 2,000 monthly credits (with the option to purchase extra credits as you go).

While won’t necessarily break the bank, there are plenty of AI and plagiarism detectors out there that work for free. So, not having access to a free version of the software is a bit of a letdown.


Once you’ve signed up for the service, you can scan content with This is all done through an online dashboard, where you upload content, and the platform scans it for you.

The platform is straightforward to use. All you do is add in your content, hit scan, and you get a very easy-to-read report on that content. Potential AI-generated and/or plagiarised content is flagged, and you get a visual report on the originality and readability of your content. review

The report lets you switch between the three main functions of the platform to help you access straightforward reports on each.

For example, here’s what a plagiarism report looks like:

It also provides URLs of matched websites, which helps understand the sources of plagiarised content.

Any plagiarism or AI detection instances are highlighted in your text, which you can quickly identify and change. Once you’ve changed your text, the platform will regenerate a new score for you, helping you easily understand the originality of your content.

There’s nothing complicated about using this platform; it does what it advertises.

But how accurate are the results? Quality

The biggest concern about is the consistency and accuracy of its AI detection.

Let’s cut straight to the chase – the quality of the platform is very questionable.

In many cases, you can upload a piece of 100% genuinely human-written content, and the platform will flag parts of it as being AI-generated. This seems entirely random, as human fingers typed out the content only minutes earlier.

At the same time, you can also generate something on ChatGPT, paste it into, and not get a 100% AI-generated report. We tried both scenarios and in both cases, the platform did not accurately pick up what was original and what was not.

Sure, the majority of it was accurate. Still, when the platform flags human content as AI-generated, even if it’s a small portion, this is entirely inaccurate. Depending on how you use and how heavily you rely on it, this could cause serious trust issues. review

There is so much content online anyway, and generative AI technology has become incredibly accurate and human-like. Even the best AI detectors can’t pick up on the differences sometimes, and finding “truly original” content is a difficult task, as you can be sure that other websites have published sentences and themes similar to the ones you’re covering.

A final step in this review was to compare the platform’s results with other free online plagiarism detectors. None of the results aligned, and each platform produced a different interpretation of our content.

So, how accurate is Honestly, not that great.


Overall, failed to impress. The platform has a great idea and looks impressive. The reports are quality, and the tool is simple to use. However, when you look into what results comes up with, it’s unreliable and inconsistent.

This could get content creators and writers into unnecessary trouble. It could also cause you to make vast changes in your content when they’re unnecessary.

So, is worth it? That’s hard to say. Having an AI checker and plagiarism detector like this is helpful. Still, due to the inconsistent results, it might be easier just to use a free platform. Alternatives

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Jason Smit

Jason Smit is the CEO of Contentellect and believes that marketing success lies at the intersection of great content and quality links. With 15 years spent in agency environments, including Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis Media and Performics, his experience is distilled into Contentellect's service offering. He holds a B.Com Marketing from the University of Cape Town and a PGDip. in Entrepreneurship.

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