OutreachMama Review – Is Their Guesting Posting Service Any Good?

by Tom Kotze

For this Outreach Mama review, I’ll take you through my exact experience buying three links from this service. OutreachMama is a well-known link-building service for SEO. They offer a range of different link-building strategies to make it easy for any business to ramp up its backlinks profile, including blogger outreach. Is Outreach Mama worth it? Are the links any good? Follow this review, where I’ll show you exactly what you could get when you buy links from Outreach Mama.


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Rated Excellent

4.6 on Trustpilot

Overall Outreach Mama Review

I give Outreach Mama 3.5 stars out of 5.


OutreachMama offers a link-building marketplace that is very easy to use. I ordered three links, set my requirements for these links, and got exactly what I paid for. In that sense, I can’t complain. However, there was a clear inconsistency in the quality of the links. Two links were great, while one was far off. If I had to buy a lot more links from Outreach Mama, it’s tricky to say what kind of overall link quality I would get.And you also can’t be too sure where your links will be placed. Even with the additional content review option, you don’t get much control over where your links end up.Overall, Outreach Mama delivered what it promised. I was happy with two links, one link was a little off-putting, but the service was at least efficient. That said, the links were also fairly expensive for website placements that weren’t exactly mind-blowing. The end verdict: Outreach Mama offers a convenient way to build backlinks, but the links you receive could be questionable.

Outreach Mama Review (3rd Party Reviews)

I did a bit of research to see what other customers had to say about OutreachMama before I tried them out myself. I couldn’t find much information to go on.Besides one very negative Facebook review, there weren’t many shared experiences of working with OutreachMama. However, this link-building service is a pretty big name in the industry, so they must be doing something right. The only way to find out was to try them out for myself.

outreach mama facebook review

My Outreach Mama Experience

For this OutreachMama review, I used the platform to order three links. I chose their guest post offer and went for niche relevant links on DR 40+ sites. I also chose the content review option to make sure that my links are placed on relevant content. This cost $915.

ordering on outreach mama

Ordering the links was a straightforward process, but how good is the quality of links that OutreachMama produces?Here is a breakdown of the three links that I got. 

Link 1: 4 out of 5

  • Total cost: $305
  • Domain Rating (DR): 46
  • Ahrefs Rank: 913,029
  • Referring Domains (DoFollow): 1.43K
  • Total Keywords: 19.4K
  • Estimated Organic Traffic/mo: 7.8K
  • Domain Relevance: 5 out of 5
  • Content Relevance: 4 out of 5
  • Content Quality: 3 out of 5
  • Word Count: 1000 words

This website hit the brief of what I requested.

It had a decent DR above 40, sufficient organic traffic, and the page my link was inserted on felt like a genuine guest post.

First, the website. While the content that my link was placed on matched my niche (boating), the site itself has quite a random array of content.

outreach mama link example

This is because it’s a local website dedicated to a specific area. This makes sense because the content I was linking to is specific to this area. The site will get relevant local traffic who will be more interested in my link, so this was an excellent site to get a guest post from. With the site being a local authority, it also tells me that it’s a genuine website and not just a link farm. All of the content is published to appeal to a specific audience, and not just to get links.

Here is how my link was inserted:

outreach mama guest post example

Link 2: 2 out of 5

  • Total cost: $305
  • Domain Rating (DR): 51
  • Ahrefs Rank: 583,679
  • Referring Domains (DoFollow): 12.1K
  • Total Keywords: 3.1K
  • Estimated Organic Traffic/mo: 725
  • Domain Relevance: 1 out of 5
  • Content Relevance: 2 out of 5
  • Content Quality: 2 out of 5
  • Word Count: 700 words

While the first link hit all the right notes, this link completely fell flat.At first glance, the website might seem like a good choice thanks to its decent DR. Dig a little deeper, and you see that the site’s traffic doesn’t correlate to this at all. First, let’s look at the type of content this site publishes:

outreachmama bad links

The first thing I see is crypto, tips for making money, and more crypto. Scroll a little bit further and the Bitcoin content carries on:

bad guest posting site

The website claims to publish lifestyle content (which is where my link would be inserted), as well as a few other topics like tech, style, and games. In reality, it’s really just a website about Bitcoin.My link was inserted into a very feeble article that was kind of related to boating, but the overall placement was a bit off. It didn’t feel like a genuine guest post.The website gets very low traffic for it’s high DR, which is a sign that there’s no real audience for this site. Also, traffic has dropped dramatically from its highs in 2016, which indicates that the site may have been penalised in the past.

big traffic drop ahrefs

It’s probably just a front designed to generate backlinks, and that’s not good enough when you’re paying for a professional guest posting service.

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Rated Excellent

4.6 on Trustpilot

Link 3: 4 out of 5

  • Total cost: $305
  • Domain Rating (DR): 57
  • Ahrefs Rank: 335,663
  • Referring Domains (DoFollow): 1.46K
  • Total Keywords: 81.0K
  • Estimated Organic Traffic/mo: 35.9K
  • Domain Relevance: 3 out of 5
  • Content Relevance: 4 out of 5
  • Content Quality: 3 out of 5
  • Word Count: 850 words

The third link redeems OutreachMama. I was very happy with this link placement and website.

The content relates to my travel and boating niche, even though this site has a heavy focus on luxury property too.

example of good guest post site

The page that my link was placed on made sense:

guest posting outreach mama

And my link was placed perfectly:

link insertion example with outreach mama

If I’m going to get picky, I’ll say that the actual quality of the guest post could have been improved. It was rather short, and certainly wasn’t the best guide to the Med that I’ve ever read. That being said, the post served its purpose and delivered a perfectly good backlink.

This website has some really excellent traffic, something that has been building up over time:

guest post site from outreach mama

I’m glad that it’s a genuine website with an actual readership and not just a vessel for links (like the previous link that I got).

There’s not much else to say about this link other than the fact that it delivers everything I asked for. The content is relevant, there is clear editorial control on the website, and the site gets plenty of traffic.

With more links like this, my Google results could take a big upwards leap.


I was a little bit confused with OutreachMama after this review. In terms of link quality, they scored a solid 2 out of 3. If I had ordered 10 links, who knows what the ratio of good to bad links would be. I’d say the link-building platform is trustworthy, as they were able to get me some excellent backlinks that were very specific to my website and niche. Just be aware that there is also the possibility that you could get very low-quality links. I guess it just depends on your own experience with the link-building service.

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Tom Kotze

Tom is an experienced copywriter and content marketer. He has been writing for Contentellect since 2018, and has covered every niche under the sun. Tom has a hospitality background and was a restaurateur/coffee shop owner before starting his content marketing career.

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