Complete Guide To Premium Link Building 

by Kayla Gallocher

In the fast-paced world of online visibility, premium link building stands as the ultimate key to driving traffic, enhancing authority, and dominating search rankings.

This is achieved by obtaining backlinks from high-authority sites.

Join us as we delve into the dynamic realm of strategic link acquisition, where every connection is a pathway to SEO success.

An Overview Of Premium Link Building

Premium link building is the process of acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative and reputable websites to improve a site’s search engine ranking and overall online visibility. The important aspect to note is the quality of the backlinks you generate.

The process involves creating or obtaining links from well-established, relevant, and trustworthy sources that are considered valuable by search engines.

Premium link building is an essential aspect of SEO, as search engines consider quality backlinks as a major signal of a website’s credibility and authority. When you acquire the right links, your website can become far more competitive and is more likely to rank for the keywords you’re targeting.

What Is A Premium Link?

The term “premium” indicates a higher level of quality and credibility in the links you generate. But, what exactly are high-quality backlinks?

Here are some of the key factors that determine the quality of a backlink for SEO.


The relevance of the linking website or page to the content of your site is crucial.

When a backlink comes from a site that shares similar themes, topics, or industry focus, it adds context and relevance. This signals to search engines that your content is related to authoritative sources, which gives your content a greater boost.

Authority And Trustworthiness

Backlinks from authoritative and trustworthy domains carry more weight.

Premium Link Building

Websites with high domain authority (DA), established credibility, and a good track record in their niche are considered more valuable in terms of SEO. This is because search engines trust these sources, so the links they publish hold greater weight.

A DA score above 60 is regarded as a premium site. Although, anything between 50 – 60 is still considered impressive.

Natural Acquisition

High-quality backlinks are often earned naturally, meaning they’re obtained through genuine relationships, content quality, or because others find your content valuable.

Links that are earned organically without manipulative practices tend to hold more value. That is why it’s so important to only use premium link building tactics that help you acquire natural links.

Link Placement

The placement of the link on the page matters.

Backlinks from more prominent positions in the content, like within the body of an article or in editorially placed sections, are generally more valuable than links buried in footers or sidebars.

The more visible your link is, the better.

Anchor Text

The text used in the hyperlink (anchor text) should be descriptive, relevant, and contextually related to the linked content. Ideally, the anchor text should include a variation of the main keyword of the page it’s linking to.

Diverse and natural anchor text profiles are better than many cases of exact-match anchor texts, which can look more like a paid link.

Link Diversity

A healthy backlink profile includes a variety of sources and types of links.

Diversity in referring domains, link types (e.g., guest posts, mentions, resource links), and link attributes (follow vs. nofollow) appears more organic and natural. Search engines see this as a positive sign.

Premium Link Building

While this is just a sign of good link building practices, a premium link building service will ensure your website has sufficient link diversity. The right service can help your website secure a range of different types of backlinks from varying sources.

Context And Surrounding Content

The context surrounding the backlink also matters.

Quality backlinks should stem from content that’s relevant, valuable, and well-written, as they add value to the reader’s experience. If the link seems out of place or doesn’t add anything to the user experience, then it looks like it’s been placed there purely for SEO purposes.

Traffic And Engagement

When you acquire backlinks, you should aim for sources that generate their own organic traffic. This shows that the website is active and real, which gives your backlink more credibility.

Links from sites that have active user engagement indicate relevance and value to users. The backlinks can also become a source of referral traffic for your website, helping you generate traffic directly from the link.

It’s possible to get link placements on dormant sites that are purely designed for generating backlinks. This is manipulative, and if search engines pick up on this, they could penalise your site for the backlinks.

What Are Not Considered Premium Links?

While we’ve covered what encapsulates a premium link, being able to identify bad, potentially harmful links is just as important. This includes the following types of links:

Low-Quality Links

These are links that come from websites with poor content, low domain authority, or questionable reputations.

They might come from link farms, directories with no editorial control, or websites solely created to link to without providing valuable content.

Premium Link Building

Search engines are smart, and can identify these links. While it may be easy to acquire lots of these links through shady link building services, they can cause your website more harm than good.

Spammy Links

These are links obtained through manipulative or unethical practices that violate search engine guidelines.

They often involve link schemes, link exchanges solely for SEO purposes, or automated link building tactics that artificially inflate a site’s backlink profile.

You must understand the difference between white hat and black hat SEO to help you avoid spammy links.

Tiered Links

This strategy involves creating multiple layers of links where lower-quality or spammy links are used to point to intermediate pages, which then link to the main website.

It can be a sustainable SEO practice when done right. However, many tiered link builders focus on generating low-quality links at the bottom level. This can be manipulative and won’t actually help your rankings.

If you do take a tiered link building approach, make sure that you acquire quality links throughout the process.

Cheap Links

Links acquired through services or platforms that offer a large volume of links at very low prices often fall into this category.

These links may be of poor quality, lack relevance to the website’s content, or originate from sources that could potentially harm a site’s SEO.

The bottom line is that if you don’t understand where the links come from and how they’re acquired, then it’s generally best to avoid them.

Different Types Of Premium Link Building Methods 

To help you understand premium link building better, here are some of the different types of methods involved in obtaining quality links.

Premium Link Building

Manual Outreach

This involves manually reaching out to relevant websites, influencers, bloggers, or journalists to propose collaborations, guest posting opportunities, or content partnerships.

Manual outreach is about building genuine relationships to acquire high-quality backlinks. This is an organic, and completely acceptable way to acquire links.

Content Creation And Promotion

Creating exceptional, valuable, and shareable content and promoting it to relevant websites and industry authorities is key.

This can naturally attract backlinks from websites interested in referencing or sharing worthwhile content.

HARO Outreach

HARO is a platform connecting journalists, reporters, and writers with proficient sources to contribute insights or quotes for their articles.

Engaging in HARO involves signing up as a source in your industry or niche and responding to relevant queries from journalists seeking expert opinions or information.

By providing valuable insights on topics within your expertise, you can get featured in articles, blog posts, or news pieces. When your input is used in these publications, you often receive a backlink to your website or a mention. These backlinks come from highly reputable websites, aiding your premium link building efforts.

Guest Posting 

This involves working with authoritative websites or blogs in a specific niche to publish guest posts that include relevant, high-quality content and a link back to the target website.

These guest posts should provide value to the hosting site’s audience while securing a valuable backlink in exchange for the post.

Premium Link Building

Broken Link Building

Broken link building involves identifying broken or outdated links on reputable websites and offering to replace them with relevant content from the target website.

To achieve this, you need to find broken links, create similar content, and reach out to suggest a replacement link. Using the right link building tools will help you identify broken links.

Influencer Outreach

This involves collaborating with industry influencers or thought leaders who have a strong online presence to secure backlinks through mentions, endorsements, or collaborations.

Influencers can share content or refer to the website, generating quality backlinks and increasing visibility. Of course, working with influencers comes with promotional benefits other than just securing backlinks, which is why it’s not purely an SEO strategy.

Resource Link Building

Resource link building is the term for when you create high-quality resources (such as guides, tools, or directories) that are valuable to users and relevant to your niche.

Promoting these resources to relevant websites can lead to natural backlinks from sites referencing your valuable content. This is a foundational strategy for any kind of link building effort.

PR And Brand Mentions

Websites use digital public relations activities to get press coverage, mentions, or features in reputable publications. These mentions often result in authoritative backlinks to the target website.

Final Thoughts

Premium links come from reputable, high-authority sources, meaning that they will have a significant impact on strengthening your website.

The better the links you acquire are, the greater the impact they’ll have on your website and search engine performance.

Why use a premium link building service? It’s the most efficient way to ensure your website ranks in the search results, which ultimately means, more traffic to your site, and more conversions. Contact us and let’s chat about how we can give your business the online visibility it needs.

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