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For many eCommerce stores, SEO is often an afterthought.

I suspect this might have something to do with the build-it-and-they-will-come mentality.

Unfortunately, website traffic doesn't work like that.

Shopify and other eCommerce store owners often have very weak product descriptions that are thin on detail, keywords and copywriting. 

At Contentellect, we help eCommerce stores supercharge their product descriptions for high conversions and better search ranking. 

Our product description writing service focuses on 4 main factors: 

  • Target audience: We like to get clear on your target audience. We'll work with you to create an ideal buyer persona by asking: Who is the person reading your product descriptions and what are their interests? Why would they be excited about your product? What features and benefits interest this person the most? A clear buyer persona helps our writers deliver emotionally engaging content for your ideal audience.
  • Benefits, not features: It's natural to want to show off the features of your products, but buyers aren't interested in features. They want to know how a product will benefit them. We write product descriptions that turn features into benefits.
  • Power words: Selling is an emotional art. To trigger a sale you need to make an emotional connection with a buyer. Our product description writing service carefully uses power words, like exciting, breathtaking, jaw-dropping, delicious and gutsy, to elevate your product's emotional connection with a buyer.
  • SEO: Finally, we optimise product descriptions for search engines by naturally building in relevant keywords for your products, and by providing enough depth to avoid any thin content issues - 500 words is usually a good sweet spot - long enough to cover the essential details, but not too long that it gets boring!

If you're ready to scale out your eCommerce store with awesome product descriptions, then schedule a call discuss how we can help!


Our Shopify store used to receive almost no visitors, and it generated very little business (the joys of relying on Amazon FBA). In 2020 we decided to double down on our Shopify channel and scale our inbound traffic. Our product descriptions were thin and in some cases non-existent. Contentellect revitalised every product listing on our site with 500 words of keyword-rich and conversion-focused content . Results were initially slow, but 6 months in and we are now ranking for many keywords and generated much need non-Amazon revenue.

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Product description writing services


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How it works

Simple as 1-2-3

Step 1: Let's get to know each other

Schedule a call with us and let's start looking at your eCommerce store, and specifically your product descriptions. If you like what we suggest you can purchase one of our product description writing packages.

Step 2: Buyer persona and plan

We will work with you to create a buyer persona and product description plan before we start the writing. Part of the plan will map keywords to products.

Step 3: Writing and publishing

Once we're clear on the buyer persona and plan, we'll start writing. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will proofread, edit and fact-check every product description. And they can even publish for you!

Still have questions? See our FAQ or...

Production Description Packages

Choose a product description writing package that works for you!

Small Shop

5-50 Products

(2500-25,000 Words)

$0.10 per word

Ave. product description word length: 500 words 

Medium Shop

55-100 Products

(27,500-50,000 Words)

$0.09 per word

Ave. product description word length: 500 words 

Large Shop

110+ Products

(55,000+ Words)

$0.08 per word

Ave. product description word length: 500 words 

What's Included

Our product description writing services include

Account Manager

Your order will be managed by a dedicated account manager who is experienced in product description writing.


We'll put together a product description plan that includes an ideal buyer persona and keyword mapping for your products.


Our team of native Engilsh speaking writers will craft compelling and conversion-focused product descriptions.


Your account manager will review, proofread, edit and fact-check every product description before sending to you.

Unlimited Revisions

In the unlikely event we've missed the mark, we offer unlimited revisions. Just let us know what changes you need and we'll make edits!


If you want someone to publish your product descriptions for you, we offer this service free-of-charge.


Read our FAQs and then schedule a call to discuss your backlink needs...

Who are your writers?

Our writing team is based in Cape Town, South Africa. All our writers are native English speakers, and have university-level qualifications. We have over 100 writers in our network. Each has gone through a stringent screening process and advanced training programme on copywriting and SEO. We only put the best of our writers on product descriptions as conversion-focused copy is a craft unto itself.

Can you write product descriptions for any industry or niche?

In short, yes. We've written for loads of different industries, including fashion, lifestyle, food and beverage, automative, toys, cannabis and household goods. There are a few niches we don't accept. For example, the adult niche (we recently had to turn down a client in the sex doll niche).

Does your service offer keyword research?

Yes. Part of our process includes mapping your products to keywords. We offer this service as part of our engagement process.

Can you send me samples?

Yes. Please request samples when you schedule a call and we will gladly provide these.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Our packages are priced per word. The more content you buy the cheaper the price per word. If you have an eCommerce store with 100s of products we can offer a custom price. Please get in touch to discuss.

What length should my product descriptions be?

There is no hard and fast answer to this question. One thing is for sure, thin product descriptions are terrible for SEO and conversions. Some commentators say product descriptions can be as short as 300 words, whereas others say they should be 1000+ words. We believe the sweet spot is 500 words - long enough to satisfy SEO and remain conversion-focused without overburdening the reader.

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