Comprehensive Scalenut Review – How Good Is This AI Platform?

by Tom Kotze

Welcome to the review of Scalenut, an AI-SEO tool designed to enhance the planning, research, and creation of content.

In this analysis, we’ll examine Scalenut’s features and usability to provide an objective assessment of its overall effectiveness.

Join us as we explore how Scalenut can streamline workflows and optimize campaigns in the digital sphere.

What Is Scalenut?

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform, designed to help you with content planning, research, writing, and optimization.

The platform claims to manage the entire SEO lifecycle, making it an all-in-one content marketing app. This includes tools for keyword planning, blog creation, content optimization, and an AI tool that “reads” all of the latest information online.

Some of the main features of Scalenut include a content plan that you can generate in one click, a blog post idea generator, a SERP-based topic cluster tool, and domain-level insights. These tools help you plan out the right SEO content for your site.

Then you can use the platform’s AI writing tool to generate this content for you. Scalenut claims that this content is SEO-optimized, and plagiarism-free and that it is generated in your correct brand tone.

Beyond generating and planning content, you can also use Scalenut to monitor your site’s traffic in real-time, gain keyword insights, and access historic trends in traffic.

So, overall, Scalenut is an incredibly comprehensive content marketing platform. While most AI writing tools purely focus on generating content, Scalenut adds a whole new dimension to this through its content planning, keyword optimization, and traffic insight features.

In theory, this should mean that the platform can help you generate more impactful content that helps you perform better in the search results.


Overall Scalenut Review

I give Scalenut 4 out of 5 stars.


  • A comprehensive platform for planning, creating, and optimizing SEO content
  • Includes tools for each stage of the content marketing process
  • Pulls insights from live search results pages
  • Easy to use
  • Generates high-quality content


  • Not as comprehensive as other dedicated SEO tools
  • Lacks certain keyword and traffic data


Overall, Scalenut is one of the most impressive AI writing tools out there. This is largely due to the tool’s various SEO planning and optimization functions.

While Scalenut does not provide the same level of insights that you’d get from a more advanced keyword planning or SEO optimization tool, it does manage to fit a lot of nifty features into one package. This includes everything a beginner SEO writer would need.

While the end result still isn’t as good as using an experienced SEO writer, it is a fantastic alternative for anyone wanting to generate and optimize their website’s content with a very user-friendly tool.

Scalenut Third-Party Reviews

Before diving into this Scalenut review, let’s take a look at what other users had to say about the platform.

At the time of this review, Scalenut had a 4.4 out of 5-star average on Trustpilot.

Several reviews exist from users who praise the platform for helping them generate content for their sites when they don’t have any experience in SEO or content writing. Some also mention how easy and convenient the app is to use.

On G2, Scalenut also has a 4.7 out of 5-star average rating.

Again, users talk about how Scalenut is such a massive time-saver, and how it’s an easy solution for generating SEO-friendly content.

Let’s try the platform out first-hand to see if it really is worth the hype.

My Scalenut Experience

From the outset, Scalenut sounds like the ideal AI writing tool. Beyond simply generating content, it also includes a wealth of SEO functions.

However, are these features worth investing in? Let’s try out the platform to find out.

Signing Up

Getting set up with Scalenut is a relatively straightforward process. Just click on the “Sign up” button, enter your email address and name, and you’ll be directed to a couple of standard setup questions that ask how you’ll use the tool.


Before you finish signing up, you have the option to book a calendar slot for a free 1:1 SEO strategy call. While this is likely a sales opportunity to upsell, it is useful to have the option of a human SEO strategist available.

Once you’ve filled in your details, you’re directed to your dashboard and are ready to use Scalenut.

It only takes about a minute to get set up.


Before using Scalenut, let’s look at the pricing options. Four different options are available:

  • Essential: $19 per month
  • Growth: $39 per month
  • Pro: $75 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

The main difference between the pricing plans is the volume of work you can produce. The cheaper plans are limited in the number of SEO articles and words they can generate. With the cheapest plan, you can only create five articles per month, which doesn’t result in much.

Most users will probably opt for the Growth plan, which allows you to create 30 articles a month and lets you audit and optimize 30 articles per month.

Luckily, there is also a seven-day free trial available. While this trial is very limited, it does let you explore the platform and its various features. This is ideal for deciding whether Scalenut is the right choice for your business.

Scalenut Review

Using Scalenut

Now that we’re all set up, it’s time to see how good Scalenut is at planning and generating content.

When you sign up, you’re directed to your user dashboard, which looks like this:


This is where all of your work is stored and where you can access the app’s various features.

First, I’m going to use the keyword planner to build out a targeted keyword strategy.

This is a straightforward tool that provides content ideas based on your website and keywords. All you do is fill out some basic details, and the tool generates content ideas for you:

Scalenut Review

When you type in your keyword ideas, a list of keyword suggestions appears:


After adding your main keyword and website URL, the platform generates a more detailed keyword plan for you. This includes two sections – clusters and keywords.

First, you can look at a long list of suggested keywords to target. Like any decent keyword research tool, this includes basic keyword data like keyword relevance, search volume, and CPC. However, it does not rate the keyword difficulty.

Scalenut Review

Then you can switch over to the cluster’s report. This lets you choose from clustered keywords, which make for some good content topics and targeting options:


You can click on a cluster you like, and see the keywords this cluster includes, and the data behind those keywords. This is all based on your website URL. Here’s a good-looking option that we can go with:

Scalenut Review

Overall, this is incredibly useful for any first-time SEO planner. While you don’t get as comprehensive SEO and keyword data as you would from a platform like Ahrefs, it is an excellent starting point for planning a basic content strategy. It’s also easy to use for anyone without any SEO knowledge.

After selecting the keyword cluster, you can hit the “Create SEO article” button. Scalenut will then automatically generate this content for you.

To do this, you’re taken to the article editor, which looks like this:


As is the case with any generative AI tool, you need to fill in a few essential details to prompt the writer. This includes things like the article title, tone of voice, and an outline for the article. The more detailed your prompt is, the more on the mark your content will likely be.

The tool then generates a bunch of article titles which you can choose from:

Scalenut Review

Once you’ve chosen a title that you like (or added in your own), Scalenut performs a search to see how the top-ranking articles for that keyword are structured. The platform shows the articles on the right side and lets you copy their structure and make any edits.


This is an impressive feature that reminds me of how Frase works. AI writing tools generally base content outlines on their own information, instead of pulling this information directly from search results. This helps make your content more relevant and accurate, which is useful for improving your chances of ranking.

You can also look at the most popular questions related to your topic that appear in search results:

Scalenut Review

Again, this real-time SERP information is useful for generating optimized content.

Once you’ve chosen an outline, the tool generates writing points for you. This ensures that each section covers the exact content you’re looking for.


Another handy feature is the access to SERP statistics on the left side of the screen:

Scalenut Review

This makes it easy to insert unique stats into your content, making it more insightful than regular AI-generated writing.

Once you’re certain your content covers all the right topics, hit “Generate content” and the tool creates your first draft.

Overall, this is probably the most comprehensive process I’ve ever seen for planning a piece of content using an AI writing tool. This is excellent, as it ensures your content is unique and properly planned – which is necessary if you want it to perform well in search engines.

When you generate the content, this is what it looks like:


You also get a handy SEO score, which is similar to how Surfer works.

We’ll cover the quality of this content in more detail later on. Before we do, let’s just take a brief look at the other tools that Scalenut has on offer.

Other Scalenut Features

If you go back to your dashboard, you can access three more useful features. These are the:

  • Content optimizer
  • Traffic analyzer
  • Marketing copywriter

We won’t elaborate on all the tools, as this Scalenut review is focused on generating SEO-quality blog content. However, having these tools available is massively useful.

With the content optimizer, you can add any existing content on your site and include your target keyword. Then the tool generates a report on how you can improve this content for SEO.


This includes an SEO score which is based on various factors – like the terms used in your writing, the length of your content, the images used, your headings, and so on.

Scalenut Review

The editor here is exactly like the content audit editor you would get from Surfer. This is very useful for ensuring your content is always fully optimized.

The traffic analyzer helps you gain detailed traffic insights into your website. This includes traffic sources and trends in your traffic. You can use these insights to find new content opportunities and see which blog posts on your site need optimizing (which you can do with the optimization tool).

Then, there’s the marketing copywriter tool that can generate functions like emails, social media posts, or ad copy. This is all useful for promoting your content.

Content Quality

As mentioned earlier, you have a lot of control over the information that is included in your content and the topics you’ll cover. This ensures your content follows the right approach and incorporates the right details.

As for the writing itself, Scalenut doesn’t come across as your average AI writing tool. Sentences are well-structured, and the content is easy to read and insightful.

As always, it can still use a few edits from a human writer. However, the end result is very close to being ready to publish.

Overall, the content quality is of a very high standard – mainly thanks to the comprehensive planning and briefing process that goes into it.

Scalenut Alternatives

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Tom Kotze

Tom is an experienced copywriter and content marketer. He has been writing for Contentellect since 2018, and has covered every niche under the sun. Tom has a hospitality background and was a restaurateur/coffee shop owner before starting his content marketing career.

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