Outreach and link building for brands and agencies

We handle outreach, content and placement.
You get awesome brand mentions and links.

At Contentellect we take the hassle out of outreach and link building.

We have relationships with 700+ high quality websites and blogs, covering every niche imaginable!

We also have strong relationships with journalists so next time you need some media attention, we can get your brand mentioned.


Authority Sites
Sites are ranked by SEO metrics (DA, DR etc.), all have real traffic and are niche specific.

Quality Content
We only use native english speaking writers who can produce traffic worthy content.

Contextual Links
Links are do-follow, not marked as sponsored and are placed naturally for great effect.

There are no PBNs and we own none of the sites. All private owners with real traffic.

Working with the team at Contentellect is like having a full-time marketing specialist team for a quarter of the cost. The results have been amazing - several articles are already on the first page of Google. Traffic is up 25%, and so are our leads. They are also quite nice, if you care about that sort of thing.


Andrew Lloyd-Jones

MD, Duc-Kit Pro

Why do outreach?

Outreach is incredibly important for search engine optimisation (SEO).

Inbound links are one of the strongest ranking factors in Google's algorithm - right up there with great content! So if you want organic search visibility, you need backlinks - and lots of them!

But if you've tried to get backlinks before, you'll know it's very difficult and can be quite technical. 

At Contentellect we take all the hassle out of link building. Not only do we conduct all outreach and content placement for you, we also have the technical skills to ensure you only get the strongest backlinks from great quality publications.

Work with us and watch your search rankings skyrocket! 

What we do


Working with you we will develop an outreach campaign brief that targets high intent keywords that you want to rank for in search engines. We agree the type of publishers you want to place links on and the link velocity you want (i.e. 5 or more links a month) 


We develop industry-related story ideas for you to approve. From these our content team creates high quality articles. Stories will build in natural link references to your content and brand.


We pitch content pieces to approved publishers and media outlets. Each month we produce a report that shows you where we have placed your content and secured backlinks to your website.

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Here are some recent screenshots showing the results of our outreach links for clients

Client 1: Traffic up 50% in 2 months

This clients traffic had stagnated at around 220 sessions a day. In Dec '17 we started placing outreach links and within a month traffic had almost double to 430 sessions a day.


Client 2: Traffic up 45%, revenue up 23%

Clients traffic dipped from a consistent 10k sessions a month to 8k sessions in Jun '17. We started an outreach campaign and by Oct '17 traffic was up 45% and revenue was up 23%


Until I found Contentellect I used to do all guest post outreach myself! I was literally spending weeks of effort to find sites, negotiate prices and write content. Now I outsource everything to Contentellect. The impact has been extraordinary. I now have time to focus on content for my affiliate businesses whilst getting amazing results in the SERPs from these powerful links!


Paul Bradshaw

Affiliate Marketer

Outreach Packages

We can offer any scale of outreach campaign - from 1 backlink to 10s of backlinks each month. Bulk order discounts apply!

Below are our most popular outreach packages, book a call and let's discuss your needs.


Domain Rating 30-40

Real sites with real traffic (>1k visitors/month)

Niche specific, do-follow links and no sponsored mention

Domain Rating 30-40

Content written by native English writers at min. of 700 words

100% money-back guarantee

2-5 day turnaround



Domain Rating 40+

Real sites with real traffic (>1k visitors/month)

Niche specific, do-follow links and no sponsored mention

Domain Rating 40+

Content written by native English writers at min. of 700 words

100% money-back guarantee

2-5 day turnaround


Custom Plan

We can quote on any type of outreach campaign, big or small!

Are you an agency?

We can help you build quality links for your clients. Get in touch...


We understand that seeing the URLs in our network is important. However to ensure we maintain the integrity of our network we can't share site URLs until an order is placed. Once you place an order we will confirm the details with you and share the site URL. If you are unhappy with the URL or our service in any way, we will offer alternative sites with equivalent metrics or provide a full refund.


Do you use PBNs?

Can you share the website URLs before we place an order?

Are links do-follow and not marked as sponsored?

Are links permanent?

How good is the quality of content that you produce?

Will links be featured on the homepage of websites?

Are these links safe from search engine penalties?

Do you accept links from all niches?

Do you accept links to foreign language sites?

What payment types do you accept?