Full Textbroker Review: Is Textbroker Worth The Hype?

by Tom Kotze

For my in-depth Textbroker review, I ordered a piece of blog content to see just how good this service is.

Textbroker is an online content writing service that offers a wide range of copywriting options. Their prices are very reasonable and their ordering process is simple and efficient. But is their content worth it?

Read my full Textbroker review to see exactly how my experience was and whether I ended up publishing the content I paid for.

Textbroker Review

Overall Textbroker Review

I give Textbroker 3 stars out of 5.


  • Very easy signup process
  • Affordable prices
  • A good level of flexibility when choosing writers and content types
  • Easy to use dashboard


  • Confusing pricing system
  • The quality of content could be improved
  • Inconsistent quality of writing


I can’t complain too much about my Textbroker experience, because they did exactly what they said they would. However, I was pretty underwhelmed by the quality of their content. 

The signup process is quick and easy, you can order a single piece of content without any trouble (unlike services like Verblio or ContentFly), and you can be very specific about the level of writer that you get. Unfortunately, the content that I received let me down. I wouldn’t use Textbroker for my website, although they would use them for link building guest posts.

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Rated Excellent

Textbroker Reviews (3rd Party Reviews)

Trustpilot Reviews

Textbroker has an average of 2.7 stars on Trustpilot (see here). This is not very impressive, especially considering that this rating is generated from 37 reviews.

Most of these reviews come from writers who've had bad experiences working for Textbroker. Customer reviews were mixed, with customers either providing a 5-star review or tearing into the company with a 1-star review. 

By looking at the Trustpilot Textbroker review page, it seems their content writing services are very inconsistent.

Trustpilot Review

G2 Reviews

Things are looking a lot better for Textbroker on G2, with an average 4.7-star rating (see here).

All three reviews on G2 are extremely positive and are written by both writers and customers. The reviews here praise the speed, simplicity, and high level of quality of this content writing service. 

Going into this Textbroker review, I had no idea what to expect.

My Textbroker Experience

For this Textbroker review, I ordered a piece of blog content to see just how good this service actually is. I’ll walk you through the signup and ordering process, and will reveal the overall quality of the content that I received.

Is Textbroker worth it? Let’s find out.

Signing Up

Textbroker advertises a very simple four-step process for signing up and ordering content.

Textbroker Sign Up

First, you choose “I Need Content”. This takes you to a page explaining everything that Textbrokers services offer. From here, you click “Sign Up Now For Free”.

Then you choose to sign up as a client.

Client Sign Up

Next, you add in your details to create an account. This is all pretty simple so far.

Textbroker Create Account

And that’s it, your account is ready. Now you can log in to your account, where you access your personalized dashboard. This is where you order your content from, update your account balance, and access support. 

Create a new order

Compared to a content writing service like Copify, the signup process is incredibly fast and easy.


Textbroker offers three services with different pricing options.

First, there are basic articles. These are available in three different levels: low rate, balanced, or high quality. High-quality articles are advertised as being ready to publish, while you should expect mistakes in the low rate articles. 

Even though it comes at a lower price, I would never expect to pay for a service that is OK with sending through work with errors. For this reason, I chose the mid-range “Balanced” offering. This starts at $27.40 for a 1000 word article (the cheaper option was $20.40 for the same article).

The next option is In-Depth articles, which are advertised at the same three rates. This is quite confusing, as I would expect these articles to be more expensive. Then there are foreign language articles which are more expensive. These start at $70.40 for a 1000 word article, which uses a combination of AI-powered translations and professional language editors.

The pricing system gets more confusing because prices change based on the level of writer you select. A 5-star writer for a 1000 word blog post costs $72.40 while a 2-star writer costs $15.40 for the same blog post.

Textbroker prices are low compared to other content writing services like Verblio. However, one thing that I’ve learned from reviewing blog writing services is that you get what you pay for. If you go for a better writer, the rate is pretty expensive. The pricing system is also really confusing. A service like Verblio is far more consistent in its pricing and writing quality compared to Textbroker. 

Creating Your Order

To create an order, you log into your dashboard and choose “Create New Order”. Now you select which type of order to create based on the writers. I chose an Open Order, which shows the order to all of the available writers.

Order Process

Now you can choose between a wide range of content options. This includes everything from blog posts to press releases, website pages, product descriptions, and more. I chose a blog post.

Then you get to your order template. This is where you fill in all of the information related to your article. I found the briefing process to be pretty good, allowing you to add in plenty of specific details. 

You can choose the level of writer you want (based on a star rating out of 5), you can add in keywords and select their density, choose your processing time, and fill in any additional information you want related to your brief. 

I chose a 3-star writer (at $20.40) and a 5 day turnaround time.

General Order Information

Once your brief has been filled out, you have to pay for the article in full. This is done by adding funds to your account. 

When the order has been paid for, you wait for it to be delivered. I can’t complain about this process, it was efficient and each step was made very clear from the beginning.

Turnaround Time

Textbroker lets you choose your turnaround time, ranging from 1 day to 10 days. 

While a 1 day turnaround time is incredibly efficient, I could only imagine that this could sacrifice the quality of the content. This was something that I experienced with my Copify review. For this reason, I chose a 5 day turnaround time, which should offer plenty of time to write a high-quality 1000 word article. 

My article was ready within 5 days just as I had requested.

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Rated Excellent

Content Quality

And now for the most important part of this Textbroker review: how good is their content? 

My 1000 word blog post was written by a 3-star writer.

Would I Publish This Article?

When I received the article, I wasn’t 100% happy. 

Everything that I had requested was included in the article. The structure was correct, and the sections were broken up into easily readable paragraphs. In this sense, I couldn’t really complain. 

However, the way the article was written just didn’t quite gel with what I had ordered. The sentences were very long (something that we pay close attention to at Contentellect) which made the article difficult to read. The general tone of voice did not match what I had asked for (it was too formal), and the article lacked interesting takeaways. Overall, it was just a bit boring to read. 

The writer seemed to tick off my requests that I had left in the brief, but they failed to add any real flair to the article. I wouldn’t publish this on my blog without a fair amount of rework.

What Errors Did I Find?

I was disappointed to find a couple of obvious spelling and grammar mistakes in the article. These were picked up by Grammarly, so there’s really no reason why the writer could have missed this. 

As I mentioned earlier, Textbroker admits that its lower two levels of content will include a couple of errors. This isn’t a good sign for their writing quality or editing process. 

Customer Service

Your client dashboard includes a support section. 

Customer service support

This seems to be pretty easy to access. In my experience, everything was done online so there was no need to get in touch with any support staff. From some of the reviews that I had read on Trustpilot, customer support was heavily criticized.

Textbroker Alternatives

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Tom Kotze

Tom is an experienced copywriter and content marketer. He has been writing for Contentellect since 2018, and has covered every niche under the sun. Tom has a hospitality background and was a restaurateur/coffee shop owner before starting his content marketing career.

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