Top 5 Ad Innovations To Emerge From Google Marketing Live 2019

Google Marketing Live recently concluded, and like Facebook they had some big announcements to make on their advertising products for 2019.

As one part of the global advertising duopoly which commands over 50% market share, Google know that in order to continue to grow that number, their ad products need to continue to evolve.

Here are the 5 biggest updates from GML.

GML 2019 – Key Innovations

1. Discovery ads in new placements

google discovery ads

These native ads will expand out from the Google Discover app into premium inventory.

This is testament to the fact that these ads are clearly bringing home the bacon for Google, so now it’s to step it up.

Expect to see their discovery ads show up in the YouTube homepage, Google mobile homepage and the Gmail promotions tab.

2. YouTube Bumper Machine


The data has shown that 6 second pre-roll ads on YouTube, also known as Bumper Ads are highly effective. In terms of dollar value per second and brand uplift.

The trouble is most brands lack the resources to edit their standard 1-2 minute ads into 6 second ones.

Bada bing – Google is launching the Bumper Machine which will seamlessly transform any video shorter than 90 seconds into a Bumper Ad.

3. Audience Expansion Tool

This is a biggie – they are basically launching a Facebook look-a-like audience tool. This will enable advertisers to reach consumers who look and behave similarly to the people within their existing custom audiences.

4. Improvements on Smart Bidding

By leveraging machine learning, Google will enable campaigns to be better optimised for lower funnel KPI’s like conversions or conversion value. Specific updates include the following:

Campaign-level conversion goals: If you have a campaign targeted to a single conversion goal, increasing app downloads for example, for example, you can now optimise all of your bids within the campaign for that goal.

Conversion action sets: If you want to optimise your bids across several campaigns, you can now create a set of desired conversion actions.

Seasonality adjustments: If you have an upcoming sale or event that you expect to increase conversion opportunities, Google Ads will optimise your bids for that time period and then revert to the normal settings thereafter.

5. Big upgrades to the Google Ads App

Users will soon be able to create responsive search ads, add new or negative keywords, pause poorly performing keywords and opt into all Smart Bidding strategies.

By adding a greater depth and breadth of functionality in the ads app, Google hopes to see higher levels of intra-day participation in its ad campaigns.

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