What Is the Content Marketing Flywheel?

by Marc Bromhall

If you’re looking to scale your content marketing efforts and drive explosive traffic to your website you really need to understand the content marketing flywheel and apply it in your business. There are two simple components. 

Repurposing content

Let’s say you’ve written a blog post and you’ve published it to your website. You can then repurpose that blog post into a video. In fact, this very article has been repurposed from a video!

Another example would be taking a podcast, getting it transcribed and repurposed into a blog post which can then rank in the search engines.

content marketing flywheel

Diversified distribution

This is really where the magic happens. The more diverse your content formats are (article, video, podcast, slideshow etc) the greater leverage you have when it comes to content distribution.

When it comes to sharing written content, be sure to use a canonical link which tells Google that the original article lives on your website otherwise you could get penalised for duplicate content.

In the video space both YouTube and Vimeo lead the charge when it comes to video distribution, however video works so well across the socials that platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn should always be considered for video distribution.

When it comes to podcasting there are many different channels you can distribute your podcast on. The major platforms being Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

As you can see, you can take one piece of content and break it down into fragments which can then be shared in bite sizes for quick and easy content consumption – something which has become more commonplace in recent years.

Moreover, these content fragments can exist in many different formats enabling you to to achieve some real leverage when it comes to distribution.

indiehackers posts

How We Do It

We start by creating a video in Loom. We then take this video, transcribe it and then turn it into a blog article. We’ll then share this blog article as a canonical on Medium and Indiehackers and the video will be uploaded to YouTube. 

The video will also be shared on both LinkedIn and Facebook.  A week or so later we’ll share a link to  the blog article on LinkedIn. We’ll also share excerpts of the article on Reddit and Quora.


Taking advantage of the content marketing flywheel should be something that every business does to one degree or another. You can choose how leveraged you’d like your repurposing and distribution strategy to be, but ultimately this should depend on your target audience and which platforms they live on. Good luck!

Marc Bromhall

Marc co-founded Contentellect in 2018. He is an experienced marketer having previously worked for two Adtech unicorns - Outbrain and ROKT. At Contentellect, Marc helped scale the company from start-up to 6 figures in revenue. In 2021, he stepped down as MD and has subsequently moved on to pursue other projects.

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