What Is A White-Hat Link Building Service?

by Tom Kotze

Is link building worth the hype?

Definitely. Link building effectively boosts your SEO and improves keyword rankings in search engine results pages. While your site requires backlinks, not all links are of equal quality or desirability.

This is why knowing the difference between the right (white-hat) and the wrong (black-hat) way of building links is crucial.

If you’re not careful about where you’re obtaining your links from, you could soon find yourself in a world of SEO trouble. Gaining white-hat backlinks is the only way forward. However, white-hat SEO can be time-consuming and difficult, involving expert content creation and hours of dedicated outreach.

What if you could obtain high-quality backlinks through legitimate means without these hassles? This is where a reputable white-hat link building service is valuable.

This guide will explore exactly how this works and what tactics white-hat link building services typically cover.

White-Hat Link Building Explained

White-hat link building is an ethical approach to acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable sources that follow search engine guidelines.

These links are relevant to your website or niche and, most importantly, mimic natural organic linking behaviour.

Conducting white-hat SEO link building can include many different tactics. However, they all share a commonality: leveraging expertise or knowledge in exchange for content (and link) sharing.

White-Hat vs. Black Hat Link Building

To understand white-hat link building better, it is also essential to cover black-hat link building – or what you should not do to acquire backlinks.

In simple terms, black-hat link building is when you use link building tactics that manipulate search engines for a short-term benefit, such as PBNs (also known as link farms) and numerous – spammy – low-quality guest posts.

White-Hat Link Building Service

These backlinks add no real value to the websites on which they’re placed and they often don’t make any contextual sense. They’re purely there to exist as backlinks – which is wrong in the world of SEO.

White-hat link building, on the other hand, adheres to search engines’ backlink guidelines and obtains high-quality links to impact your website rankings positively. These links feel natural.

Where black-hat links exist purely for the backlink, white-hat links also add value to users. They make contextual sense and should improve the quality of the content on the page they’re placed.

What Is A White-Hat Link Building Service?

A white-hat link building service is a professional offering that helps businesses acquire high-quality backlinks through outreach, relationship leveraging, and digital PR.

This is a big topic, as there are many techniques and approaches that a white-hat link-building service can use.

Some services offer a broad range of link building options, while others specialize in niche areas–like HARO or guest posting. Whatever the case, white-hat link building services all work to ensure the links they obtain are legitimate, trustworthy, and valuable. This is essential for building authority around your website and ensuring your backlink profile affects your search engine rankings.

To help understand what these agencies typically offer, here’s a breakdown of some common white-hat link-building strategies and services.

Digital PR And Outreach

Digital PR could include a range of strategies, like expert commentary (HARO) or PR SEO; sharing data via press releases to interested publications.

This can help you earn backlinks if an editor or journalist chooses to engage and utilise your content, earning a valuable backlink as part of the process. These links are valuable because they tend to come from highly reputable media sources – which hold SEO weight.

White-Hat Link Building Service

While digital PR is a useful way to earn white-hat backlinks, it involves a lot of outreach, relationship-building, and a strategic approach to crafting press releases.

You also need to ensure your site has the right content in place for you to earn press mentions in the first place. Using a reputable white-hat link-building service will help you in all these areas.

Guest Posting Outreach

Guest posting involves identifying relevant websites and blogs within your industry and offering to write a guest post for them to publish on their site. This post will include a contextual backlink to your site. This should be a win-win scenario, where the website gets quality content and you get a backlink in exchange.

However, to execute guest posting effectively, you need to make sure that the content is relevant to your website’s niche, and that your guest posting partner has a legitimate and trustworthy website. Your guest post backlink also needs to be completely relevant to the content provided.

Link building guest posting services can author the articles for you, optimize them, and arrange for them to be published on relevant publisher websites. Not only this, but a good white-hat link building service should help you secure guest posts from high-authority websites.

Needless to say, this process takes a lot of time and expertise, making it extremely worthwhile to delegate to an external service.

Broken Link Building

This is the term for when link builders identify broken links on authoritative websites in your niche. Outreach efforts are then directed towards these website owners, proposing the replacement of broken links with relevant content from your site.

A time-consuming link building strategy, it’s usually a smart idea to outsource these efforts to a white-hat link building service that has the personnel and expertise to achieve results.

Paid Link Building

Effective broken link building also requires the right SEO tools to identify backlink opportunities – something that a skilled white-hat link building service should have in place.

Relationship Building And Outreach

Most white-hat link building efforts are centred around outreach. To make this effective, you need to have the right relationships in place.

Establishing and nurturing relationships with influencers, bloggers, and industry experts is a key aspect of any white-hat link building service. These outreach initiatives aim to secure collaborative opportunities that result in valuable backlinks.

Good white-hat link-building services should have an established network of high-quality websites and media figures to reach out to.

Link Reclamation

Monitoring online mentions of your brand or website can also be part of these services.

When entities mention your brand without providing a link, link building services can reach out to these entities and request they instill backlinks. This is similar to broken link-building, except that the links in question did not exist before.

Key Takeaways

In the realm of digital marketing, white hat link building service providers offer a strategic advantage that goes beyond mere rankings.

By securing high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources, they enhance website visibility, drive targeted traffic, and establish credibility within the niche.

As we conclude, it’s evident that the benefits of white hat link building extend to improved organic search performance, increased brand authority, and long-term sustainable growth.

If you’re interested in boosting your search rankings, consider using a white-hat link building service. We do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you – enabling you to focus more on growing your business.

Tom Kotze

Tom is an experienced copywriter and content marketer. He has been writing for Contentellect since 2018, and has covered every niche under the sun. Tom has a hospitality background and was a restaurateur/coffee shop owner before starting his content marketing career.

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