The Secret To Writing Etsy Product Descriptions

by Abie Davis

If you’re looking for the ultimate secret to making your Etsy shop boom, you’re in the right place. 

We’ve been writing Etsy product descriptions for years, so we know more than a couple of secrets for quick success.

When you follow our advice, you’ll up your sales, make more money, and become an Etsy star!

Let’s get into it.

etsy product descriptions

Our five-step secret to writing great Etsy product descriptions

Writing great Etsy product descriptions is a lot like casting spells. It would be best if you had a pinch of creativity, a pint of research, and a dollop of words.

Luckily, you don’t need a degree in Hogwarts Etsy Product Writing 101 to succeed. We’ve broken all the essential steps down into an easy-to-follow recipe.

Just like Harry and Hermione had to learn the basics, so do you.

Etsy Product Descriptions

Here's our 5 step formula for writing Etsy product descriptions:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Show off with benefits
  3. Entice with sensory words
  4. Master the title

1. Know your audience

The first essential ingredient to success on Etsy is speaking the same language as your audience.

The better you know your audience, the easier it’ll be to master their language.

Let’s look at a great Etsy product description example. This example comes from BooStoreGermany.

etsy example boostoregermany

You can see that this Etsy merchant knows its audience from the start. They address their needs and worries while enticing them with language that suits their particular audience.

In this case, the audience is anyone that loves Harry Potter and baking or cooking.

Their needs are customized wooden spoons that are eco-friendly, non-stick, and can effortlessly reach the bottom of the pot.

This narrow audience is called a niche audience, and it’s essential to find your specific niche audience.

Wait, what’s a niche audience?

A niche audience is a finely focussed audience. This audience is a narrowed-down audience.

Instead of selling wood-burned spoons to general bakers and cooking enthusiasts, BooStoreGermany sells wood-burned spoons to Harry Potter fans that love to bake and cook.

While a niche audience is often smaller than a general audience, the quality of your audience is vastly improved.

This audience is more likely to buy your product, meaning it’s easier for you to sell and make money with your Etsy store.

To find out who your ideal niche audience is, grab a piece of paper and answer the following questions:

  • How did your customer end up on your Etsy store?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What about your Etsy shop appeals to them the most?
  • How would your customer describe your product?
  • How does your product improve their lives?

Once you’ve answered these questions, a clear picture will start to take form. Now, it’s time that you start writing that excellent Etsy description, using their specific language.

2. Show off with benefits

There’s a secret to writing a great Etsy product description. You can’t simply ramble off features like a late-night telesales infomercial.

At Contentellect, we teach all of our new writers the feature-benefit model. This essential product description writing tool will make it much easier to sell your Etsy products.

features vs benefits Etsy Product Descriptions

Simply put, instead of listing hundreds of features, explain to your audience how those features will benefit them. The goal is to make your audience realize that they simply can’t live without your product.

Let’s look at an excellent Etsy product description example. This example comes from MatArtWood.

etsy example good description

MatArtWood mentions that these coasters are a great way to show your personality in this fantastic product description. They also protect your expensive tabletops from stains.

Every feature has a benefit. When writing an Etsy product description, it’s your job to list the benefits of those features.

Here’s a tip.

Suppose you’re selling a handmade case for the latest Nintendo Switch. Instead of telling people how strong and durable the case is, remind them that it protects their expensive gaming console.

If you are selling a custom Harry Potter night light, tell your audience it’s great for keeping the little ones feeling safe at night while looking cool.

On this note, we’ll be moving on to the third step in writing the perfect Etsy product description.

3. Entice with sensory words

A couple of years ago, a study revealed that people are more likely to buy a product if they could hold it in their hands.

So, what do you do when you’re selling your fabulous, creative products online?

The answer is simple: use sensory words to entice your audience.

Product Descriptions sensory words meme

Sensory words are powerful tools to help an audience imagine owning your product.

Some common sensory words to include are:

  • a feather-light feel,
  • it’s got a satin-smooth finish,
  • the vibrant colors,
  • a fragrance of secret pine forests,

A fantastic Etsy product description example, filled with sensory words, came to us from AttitudeBaby.

etsy example sensory words in descriptions

As you can see, this Etsy storeowner wisely peppered some sensory words throughout the product description.

They talk about the vibrant style, the cute designs, and the soft, comfortable fit. By adding these words, it’s almost as if we can interact with the product.

Now, let’s move on to the final, essential tip to writing great Etsy product descriptions.

4. Master the title

When writing a great Etsy product description, you need to master writing the title.

Etsy Product Title Descriptions Memes

Most often, the first thing that a potential visitor may see is the title.

Now that you know your audience, what appeals to them, and the most important benefits of your product, it’s easy to write the perfect title.

A great product description example comes from Lambalar.

extsy example good titles

In their title, they tell us what the product is, what it can do, and who it’s great for.

This title speaks directly to its niche audience.

In this case, the audience is parents with kids or toddlers that are fans of Harry Potter. The lamp can be customized and used as a night lamp or general decor.
It’s easy for you to learn all of that info from just a title. Now, that’s magic!

Here’s our sure-fire title writing formula:


There you have it, the ultimate guide on how to write an Etsy product description that sells.

Yet, before you scamper off to go and make money, let’s do some housekeeping and clean up your Etsy product description to make it even better.

5. Clean it up

The last step is to clean up your description. Formatting, grammar, punctuation, and loads of images are essential in this step. When you do this right, you’ll find your products fly off the virtual shelves.

Etsy Descriptions formatting meme


Formatting is the act of laying out your description in such a way that it’s easy for a customer to skim through your description and still get the most info possible.

Use whitespace, bullet points, or even emojis to create an organized, natural flow.

This flow will make it easier for customers to learn all they can about your epic product.

The more they know about it, and the easier it is for them to understand your product, the quicker they’ll buy it.

Grammar and punctuation

We don’t want to sound like Professor McGonagall, but you really should pay attention to your spelling and grammar.

When you write an Etsy product description using fun, easy-to-understand words, it’ll be easier for people to fall in love with your products.

Remember, your product description is your always-online, always-friendly, ever-helpful sales representative.

The description needs to make visitors feel welcome and excited enough to buy your product.


Humans are visual creatures. Pretty photos attract people. So, capitalize on this by adding as many beautiful images of your Etsy product.

The more photos you add, the easier it is for customers to imagine owning your product. They’ll have fewer questions and be more eager to buy your product.

An excellent Etsy product description example comes from WoodieInTheHoodie.

As you can see, this Etsy merchant organized its product description into categories.

etsy example images

They have sections dedicated to the description, the size, the material, and even the delivery times.

We also find several beautiful images showing how great the product is.

When the product description is well-organized like this, it’s easy to see why the product has become a best-seller on Etsy, despite intense competition for this type of product.

If you want to blow dust in the eyes of the competition, it’s best to keep things organized.

You’ve mastered the art

Congratulations, you’re no longer a muggle.

You’re now a fully-fledged Etsy product description writer.

When you apply our secret formula to your product descriptions, you can expect to:

  • Sell more products,
  • Become an Etsy superstar,
  • Have fewer questions about your products.
  • However, if this feels like a daunting task, we’ve got some good news for you.

If you're still confused, we suggest reading our general guide to writing product descriptions. If you're an Amazon seller, see our specialist guide to writing Amazon product descriptions.

Or even better, get a house-elf to do it for you!

Like Dobby, the house-elf is always ready and willing to help; Contentellect has an army of house elves, ready to help the busy Etsy store owner, like you.

See our product description writing service.

Our skilled army of product writers can effortlessly whip up the perfect product description for your Etsy store.

When you use them to do the hard work for you, you’ll be saving time, effort, and money. That way, you can concentrate on running your store while our team takes care of the rest.

See, it’ll be almost as if you’re doing magic. Now that’s how you write the perfect Etsy product description.

Abie Davis

Abie Davis is an avid miniature war hobbyist. When he's not knee-deep in the trenches, he's helping to write content that charms, converts, and convinces. Relentlessly helpful and creative, he loves to write while exploring with his partner and their two brilliant dogs.

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