Best AI Writing Software: Which AI Writing Tool Is Best?

by Abie Davis

AI writing software is everywhere. We’ve all heard how powerful, helpful, and advanced generative AI tools have become. But can they be used to replace human writers?

I tried out some of the best AI writing tools to answer this question. 

These tools can structure, write, and optimise content for you. They can perform all kinds of other copywriting tasks, too.

The question is, how good are the results?

Let’s find out.

Spoiler alert: As helpful as they are, none of these tools can fully replace a human writer. Although, a few can come very close. Contentellect - Best AI Writing Tools

Best AI Writing Tools

With AI technology rapidly developing, some seriously impressive AI writing tools are currently available. Here are some of the best.


Writesonic is a robust AI writing tool with endless unique features and prompts. If you’re looking for an AI assistant to help you with every writing task imaginable, Writesonic should be on your list. 

The platform includes a classic generative AI chat tool to answer questions and custom prompts. However, the platform shows its value in the many specific AI writing functions – like creating blog content, social media copy, emails, ad copy, rewriting copy, and so on. The list of copywriting functions available is awe-inspiring. 

Writesonic uses real-time Google SERPs to gather information, so you know everything is always current. The writing tool can also optimise your content for SEO and publish it straight to WordPress for you.

Writesonic can even generate AI art for you. You can also use the platform to create an AI chatbot for your website. 

Content Quality

No AI writing tool on this list can fully replace human writers. However, Writesonic comes close. 

The platform gives you many options to customise prompts to match your brand. You can add references and examples and train the AI to understand your brand’s tone. The more you use it, the better it will get at generating content for your business.

Each function in Writesonic is specifically designed for a different type of content, boosting the quality of each bit of copy you generate. You can also see references to the various sources Writesonic used when “researching” your content – which helps establish how accurate the content is. 

While the content still feels AI-generated, it’s about as close to a human writer as possible. 

What Can Writesonic Do?

Writesonic can generate any copy you need to write. This includes long-form blog content, website copy, emails, sales copy, social media posts, blog outlines, product descriptions, and more. The platform also generates AI images.

You can use the AI chat tool or choose a specific writing function with Writesonic. The platform also considers keywords and SEO to help you optimise your content.


  • Incredibly versatile functions
  • Produces quality content
  • A more affordable AI writing tool
  • Includes SEO features and integrations


  • The subscription plans have strict word limits
  • It still generates content that feels like it’s AI-created



When it comes to the best AI content software, Jasper has got to be high on the list.

This platform has led in AI software since it was previously called Jarvis. The platform includes a wide range of AI features, like a chat tool, AI-generated art, a browser extension, an API, and various business features. However, Jasper’s library of 50 writing templates makes the platform shine. 

You can request practically any writing task from Jasper – such as writing long-form blog content, creating headlines, emails, sales copy, landing copy, etc. The platform includes easy-to-use but detailed prompts to help you generate content that matches your brand. 

Content Quality

Jasper produces some of the best quality AI content out there. Sure, it still comes across as AI-generated and needs a fair amount of human editing. However, the platform uses some of the most advanced AI models to generate human-like content.

Jasper allows you to choose your tone of voice, which it executes very well. You can also train the platform on your brand, so the more you use it, the easier it gets to generate consistent, quality content. 

What Can Jasper Do?

Jasper has an enormous spread of content templates and copywriting options available. From long-form blog posts to social media copy and everything in between, Jasper is your go-to tool for all copywriting needs. The platform also uses an accurate chat tool for any custom requests. 

Beyond copywriting, Jasper can create end-to-end marketing campaigns for you. The tool is designed for generating content and can be seen as a kind of all-encompassing marketing assistant. 

With a SurferSEO and Copyscape integration, Jasper also ensures its content is original and optimised for SEO. 


  • High-quality AI content writer
  • Has a wide variety of writing options available
  • Writes like a human
  • You can use Jasper to handle a wide range of AI tasks


  • Expensive content writing software
  • It’s still not good enough to fully eliminate human writers



CopyAI is a powerful AI content tool that can help you generate different content. The platform takes your regular generative AI chat tool and lets you create content for different scenarios. 

First, CopyAI offers an entirely free plan. While this is limited to only 2000 words, it is a big bonus being able to use the platform for free and at your own pace. Second, CopyAI is very good at understanding your brand voice and generating custom content to match your brand perfectly. These are the two main drawcards of using the platform. 

CopyAI includes many writing options and custom prompts like other AI writing tools. You can get into detail about what kind of content you want the tool to produce, and it can generate this very efficiently. 

Overall, it’s a robust AI writing tool that can be used for practically any copywriting task. 

Content Quality

As with any AI content writing tool, you’ll still need to put in some time editing the content before you can publish it. The content has a definite “AI feel” to it. 

That being said, what CopyAI generates is of better quality than most platforms. And the more you train the AI on your brand voice, the more consistently high-quality your results will be. 

The quality of your content depends on how detailed your prompts are and how well you guide the software to match your brand. 

While it’s not a human writer, it’s an excellent platform for saving you time and helping you produce high-quality content at scale.

What Can CopyAI Do?

CopyAI can handle just about any copywriting task you have. The platform’s primary focus is on producing articles and long-form content. However, you can also use it to generate social media posts, emails, website copy, and more. 

There’s a lot of flexibility in how you can prompt this software. A “Custom” prompt option lets you avoid the templates and tell the AI precisely what you want it to generate. 

If you have a copywriting need, CopAI can help you with it. 


  • A wide range of writing templates are available
  • It also includes a classic generative AI chat function
  • Free version available
  • Great brand voice functionality


  • Content quality is not as good as other AI writing tools
  • The paid plans can get expensive
  • The free plan is very limited if you’re generating long-form content


AI Writer – Content Editor


AI-Writer is an AI-generated content-writing platform with some pretty cool features. 

Like any generative AI chat tool, you can use AI-Writer to create content for you based on custom prompts. However, AI-Writer is mainly focused on producing long-form content, like blog articles. 

The platform is not set up to be as diverse a copywriting tool as other options. 

The upside of using AI-Writer is that it’s straightforward and can help you produce excellent content. However, the platform does lack certain features, so you can’t use it as widely as other AI writing tools.

Content Quality

AI-Writer produces great drafts that can help refine your content creation process. However, the platform is not ready to fully replace human content writers. 

There’s not enough personalisation in AI-Writer to let you create consistently on-brand content. Besides the fact that you can access sources and references in the generated content, there’s little difference between AI-Writer and other free generative AI tools – like ChatGPT.

That being said, AI-Writer is a practical tool to help streamline your content creation process and save time. You’ll need a heavy hand editing the content, but most of what the platform generates is useful.

What Can AI-Writer Do?

AI-Writer is designed for writing complete articles. This is the main reason to use the platform, and it’s what the tool is best at. 

You can add in pretty straightforward prompts and get complete articles in return. All articles include sources for easy reference and fact-checking. 

AI-Writer also has tools for rewording existing content and discovering subtopics for your content strategy. You can also upload any articles from AI-Writer directly to WordPress, saving time and effort.


  • An affordable writing tool
  • Very easy to use
  • Includes research sources
  • Offers some basic SEO functionality


  • Limited features and copywriting options
  • Not the best quality content



Frase is designed to help writers research, structure, write, and optimise SEO-friendly content. The platform is full of features to help you improve the performance of your content while streamlining the content creation process simultaneously. 

You can create documents in Frase, use the software to help research and structure your content, and even get Frase to write the content for you. The tool generates original, search engine-friendly content at the click of a button.

Content Quality

Frase produces excellent content. However, the content it generates could be better. You will have to rewrite a good portion of it and manually apply your brand’s tone of voice to the writing. 

It’s important to understand that Frase differs from your typical AI writing tool. It’s more of an SEO tool designed to help with content planning, briefing, and optimisation. While the AI writer is helpful, it’s best to use it more as a guide for your content instead of relying on it to generate perfect content. 

Frase always generates different options when it writes, so you’ve always got options if you’re not entirely happy with the content. 

Frase is an excellent tool for planning and streamlining the content production process. While it produces accurate and efficient writing, it shouldn’t be used as an independent writer for your brand. 

What Can Frase Do?

Frase is designed to help writers explore topics, create briefs, structure articles, and generate content. 

The platform has a fantastic SEO content research function that lets you analyse search competitors to understand what content will rank best for your keywords. This makes it easy to structure your content effectively.

The platform’s AI writer can fill in the sections, creating long-form content for you. This writer incorporates facts and background research from search results, ensuring your content is up-to-date and relevant.


  • An ideal tool for performing SEO research
  • The AI writer generates quality content
  • Very easy to use
  • It can save you hours in researching and structuring content


  • Lacks the full range of copywriting abilities
  • Blog introductions and conclusions generated by the writer are not the best quality
  • It still requires writers with a basic SEO understanding to operate the platform



Rytr is a straightforward AI writing tool and assistant. The platform is easy to use and can help you streamline writing tasks. 

Like most AI writing tools, Rytr includes a chat feature. This lets you input custom prompts and requests; the software will generate answers and content for you. This chat feature works just like any other generative AI tool. 

Rytr’s AI writer also includes various use cases and templates, allowing you to create blog ideas and outlines, write blog sections, generate ad copy and business ideas, create emails, and so on. 

The tool also uses proven copywriting frameworks to help you generate marketing copy. 

Overall, Rytr is a useful writing assistant who can help you with practically any writing request or task your business needs to handle. 

Content Quality

Rytr is one of the best writing tools in terms of quality. The tool produces accurate and relevant information and writes it in a very human way. 

You can select your tone of voice, generate solid introductions and conclusions, paraphrase content, and more. Although the prompts are relatively simple compared to other tools, the writing quality is always impressive. 

The downside to using Rytr is that it could be better at generating entire blog articles. The tool can only generate short sections for you, so you’ll still need to do some writing yourself. Rytr helps get the ball rolling and start your ideas. However, you’ll still need a human writer before publishing any content.

What Can Rytr Do?

Rytr can automatically generate just about any copywriting request you have. 

Regarding blog content, the platform can help you create blog post ideas, develop an article structure, and write each section for you. All you need to input is your target keyword and tone of voice.

You could also use the platform to write video scripts, ad copy, sales copy, website copy, social media posts, newsletters, poems, and anything else you need help writing.

The chat feature lets you add custom prompts, so you can use Rytr to assist you with any questions.

Final Thoughts On AI Writing Software

Final Thoughts On AI Writing Software

While there are some excellent AI writing tools, the critical thing to remember is that these are all writing assistants.

They can optimise the writing process, save time, and help you write better content. But they still can’t function independently, and you won’t be able to use them to escape a real writer and editor.

If you’re looking for unique, impactful blog content, then using professional content writing services is always the best way to go.

Abie Davis

Abie Davis is an avid miniature war hobbyist. When he's not knee-deep in the trenches, he's helping to write content that charms, converts, and convinces. Relentlessly helpful and creative, he loves to write while exploring with his partner and their two brilliant dogs.

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