What You Need To Know About White-Label Link-Building

by Abie Davis

If you run an SEO or digital marketing agency, you know reliable link-building services are always in high demand.

White-label link building lets you offer quality link building services without actually doing the work yourself. This is useful as effective link building generally requires much time and effort.

However, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a white-label link-building provider. We’ll explain everything you need to know in the guide below.

Understanding Link Building Services

What Is White Label Link-Building?

White-label link building is a digital marketing strategy where an agency or business partners with a third-party service provider to create backlinks to their client’s website.

The term “white label” in this context refers to the practice of outsourcing this link-building work to a specialised provider while allowing the receiving agency to present the results as their own to their clients.

Here’s how it typically works:

  • Partnership: A digital marketing agency or business collaborates with a white-label link-building service provider. This third party specialises in creating high-quality backlinks for websites.
  • Client Services: The agency offers SEO or digital marketing services to their clients, including link building, but they may need more in-house resources or expertise to execute it effectively.
  • Outsourcing: Instead of investing in internal resources and tools for link building, the agency outsources this task to the white-label provider. The provider carries out the work on behalf of the agency.
  • Branding: The crucial aspect of white-label link-building is that the agency can rebrand the link-building services as its own. The agency’s clients see the backlinks and SEO results as part of the agency’s offerings, not realising that a third party was involved.
  • Reporting: The agency can provide detailed reports to their clients, showing the progress and impact of the link-building campaign, without disclosing the involvement of the third-party provider.

White-label link building allows digital marketing agencies to offer comprehensive SEO services to their clients without investing in internal resources or expertise for link building.

They leverage a third-party provider’s skills, tools, and services while maintaining their brand’s identity and reputation in front of their clients.

This approach is a win-win for the agency and the white-label provider, as it allows for specialisation and high-quality results without clients ever knowing about the outsourcing arrangement.

Allocate Your Resources

Pros And Cons Of White Label Link-Building

White-label link-building is a popular strategy for many agencies. However, some people are still hesitant to use these kinds of services. Here are some pros and cons of white-label link building.

Pros Of White-Label Link-Building

  • Expertise and Specialisation: White-label providers are often experts in link-building, ensuring high-quality results. Agencies can tap into this specialised knowledge without the need for in-house expertise.
  • Cost Savings: By outsourcing link-building, agencies can avoid the expenses associated with hiring and training in-house staff, purchasing tools, and maintaining infrastructure.
  • Time Efficiency: White-label services can execute link-building campaigns quickly, allowing agencies to focus on other core aspects of their business.
  • Scalability: Agencies can scale their link-building services up or down as needed without the burden of managing internal resources.
  • Client Retention: Offering comprehensive SEO services, including link-building, can enhance client satisfaction and retention, as it provides a one-stop solution for their needs.
  • Branding Control: Agencies can rebrand the white label services as their own, maintaining their brand’s consistency and reputation in front of clients.

Cons Of White-Label Link-Building

  • Quality Control: While white-label providers often offer high-quality services, agencies may have limited control over the exact methods and strategies used, which could impact the quality of the backlinks created.
  • Communication Challenges: Coordinating with a third-party provider may result in communication challenges, primarily if the provider is in a different time zone.
  • Dependence on Third Parties: Agencies become dependent on white-label providers for link-building services, making them vulnerable to the provider’s performance and availability.
  • Limited Customisation: Agencies may have limited control over the customisation and strategy of link-building campaigns, as white-label providers typically offer standardised packages.


White Label Link Building Strategies

Link-building is a big topic. There are many different strategies you can use to generate backlinks. Of course, reputable white-label link-building services will only use white hat methods that deliver high-quality results.

To help you better understand what white-label link building can include, here are some of the most common and effective tactics these providers use. Just be aware that link-building strategies can vary depending on the organisation.

HARO Outreach (Help a Reporter Out)

HARO is a platform that connects journalists and bloggers with expert sources. It’s one of the absolute best link-building tactics, as it allows websites to generate perfectly legit, high-quality links from reputable sources.

In the context of white-label link-building, you can leverage HARO to respond to relevant queries on behalf of your clients. By positioning your clients as industry experts and having their responses featured in articles, you can earn valuable backlinks from authoritative sources.

Performing HARO outreach does take time and effort, but when handled by experts, it can yield incredible results. This is why using a reliable HARO outreach service can be a game changer for white-label link-building.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an effective strategy for creating informative and relevant guest posts on established websites within your client’s niche. This is one of the most popular link-building tactics as it’s perfectly white hat and can help you secure high-quality links from websites you choose.

In these posts, you can include backlinks to your client’s website, enhancing their backlink profile and increasing their online presence.

The downside to guest posting is that it requires time and effort to perform guest post outreach and write quality guest posts for other sites. A professional content writing service can help you do this efficiently and at scale.

Broken Link Building

This technique involves identifying broken or dead links on reputable websites in your client’s industry.

Once you find such links, you can contact the website owners and suggest replacing the broken links with your client’s relevant content. This approach not only helps the website owners but also earns valuable backlinks for your clients.

It’s an effective tactic, but it does require some outreach expertise and the right link-building tools.

What Are Link-Building Tools

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a fundamental strategy that involves creating high-quality, shareable content for your client’s website. While there are many link-building tactics out there, the most important one is having high-quality content on your site. Without good content to start with, link-building is irrelevant.

This content can come in various forms, such as blog posts, infographics, or videos. By promoting this content to industry influencers and bloggers and encouraging them to link to it in their content, you can secure backlinks from trusted sources.

Various white-label services exist to help strategise and create high-quality, optimised content that performs well on any site.

Social Media Outreach

Sharing your client’s content on social media platforms can increase its visibility and engagement.

If the content is valuable and shareable, it may attract backlinks as social media users and influencers link to it from their websites or profiles. This is not a typical link-building tactic, and it can’t stand by itself. However, when combined with compelling content creation, good social media outreach can enhance your link-building efforts significantly.

Influencer Partnerships

Collaborating with influencers or industry experts allows you to create content that includes backlinks to your client’s website.

Influencers can share this content with their audience, driving traffic and backlinks to your client’s site.

Resource Page Link Building

Resource pages on authoritative websites are valuable sources of backlinks. Identify such pages within your client’s niche and reach out to the website owners, requesting the inclusion of your client’s website as a valuable resource.

Local Citations

To boost local SEO, ensure your client’s business is listed accurately in local directories, review sites, and online business listings. These listings not only enhance local visibility but can also earn valuable local backlinks.

This white-label link-building tactic is extremely effective, but it only makes sense for local, geographic-based businesses.

Blog Content Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Analyse the backlink profiles of your client’s competitors to discover potential link-building opportunities. Approach websites that link to your client’s competitors and propose similar or superior content to benefit their audience.

This is not necessarily a link-building tactic, but it does play a crucial role in guiding your ink-building efforts and processes. This is often the first thing white-label link-building experts do. Effective competitor research is also necessary for other elements of SEO and content marketing, like creating an effective content strategy.

Press Releases

Issuing press releases for significant client events or news can lead to these releases being picked up by news outlets and industry-specific websites. This can earn backlinks as your client’s news gets covered.

Email Outreach

Email outreach campaigns involve targeted outreach to relevant websites or bloggers in your client’s industry. You can offer them content or resources that would be valuable to their audience and request backlinks in return.

This link-building approach is typically combined with guest posting or broken link-building to help secure a backlink profile.

Earning Editorial Links

The focus here is on creating high-quality content that naturally attracts editorial links from reputable sources. This strategy typically requires producing exceptional, unique, valuable content that stands out in your client’s industry.

Forum And Community Participation

Participating in forums, online communities, and Q&A platforms within your client’s niche allows you to share your expertise and helpful information.

While doing so, you can subtly promote your client’s website by including relevant backlinks in your responses. This is not the most reliable link-building tactic, and these links don’t hold much power. However, it is a tactic that some link builders put effort into.

How Good is QuillBot

White Hat vs. Black Hat Link Building

We briefly mentioned “white hat” link building. Before going out and working with a white-label link-building service, you must understand what white hat means and why it’s so important.

White hat and black hat link building represent two distinct approaches to acquiring backlinks for a website. White hat link building is the ethical and guideline-compliant method, focusing on creating high-quality content and fostering genuine relationships within the online community.

In the white hat approach, backlinks are earned naturally through valuable content, guest blogging, and legitimate outreach efforts. The core principle here is to prioritise user value and adhere to search engine guidelines, aiming for long-term sustainability and trustworthiness. Quite simply, these are quality, transparent, legit backlinks.

In contrast, black hat link-building uses manipulative and unethical tactics to acquire backlinks. Black hat strategies may involve:

  • Low-quality or spun content.
  • Link farming.
  • Private blog networks.
  • Paid links.
  • Various other schemes aimed at inflating backlink profiles through deception.

These tactics can get your website penalised by search engines and cause more harm than good.

So, before looking for a white-label link-building service, make sure that they use white hat methods (such as the methods listed above).

Blogger Outreach Services

When done correctly, white-label link-building can be a valuable strategy for agencies looking to expand their service offerings and provide high-quality SEO services to clients. However, it’s essential to carefully choose a reputable white-label link-building provider – as the services they offer will be a direct reflection of your agency.

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