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Which SEO Reseller Is Best? 9 SEO Reseller Companies Reviewed

by Tom Kotze

As a busy marketing agency struggling to deal with rising client demand, using an SEO reseller is one of the best options to scale up your operations.

SEO reselling is when you outsource your client's SEO work to a specialized company. It’s a legitimate way for agencies to offer SEO services, but it can also be tricky to find the right SEO reseller to work with.

To make things easier, we’ve rounded up and reviewed 9 of the best SEO resellers.

 We’ve broken down how these SEO resellers operate, what they’re good at, and which ones offer the best results.

Top SEO Reseller Services

1. Contentellect

white label seo from contentellect

High-quality content and links - these are the foundations of any effective SEO strategy. And this is what Contentellect focuses on.

Contentellect has a vast pool of writers that agencies can tap into. This means creating scalable content is easy. 

Contentellect’s SEO Reseller Services include:

I'm a big fan of Contentellect as they offer a very personalised service. You get your own account manager and they specifically go to market as an "in-house outsourced" resource for agencies. It does genuinely feel like working with an in-house team. See their white label content and white label link services.


Contentellect’s SEO reseller content writing services start at $0.07 per word. Various add-ons, like Surfer SEO and image packs, are available. High-quality link insertions start at $160 per link, and guest post links are available at $200.

It’s important to note that Contentellect offers options for pay-as-you-go SEO content and links, as well as ongoing monthly plans.

Contentellect have stellar reviews on Trustpilot.

2. Fat Joe

fatjoe review

Fat Joe provides popular reseller SEO services to agencies. Their plans are quick and easy to order, and the variety of services available should meet the demands of most agencies.

Fat Joe also understands the basis of a solid SEO strategy, namely quality content, and links. This is what they focus on, although a few extra SEO services and tools are available. This includes things like keyword research and local citation building.

Fat Joe is a bigger SEO reseller agency. This means they’re able to fulfil large content orders, which makes scaling your agency offering pretty easy. The downside to working with a big SEO reseller is that the service often lacks personalisation.

Overall, Fat Joe provides a convenient one-stop shop for SEO marketing services.

Fat Joe’s SEO Reseller Services include: 

  • Link building
  • SEO services
  • Content writing
  • Design and video services
  • SEO tools


Fat Joe’s Basic content writing option starts at $0.05 per word, while their Pro content writing is available at $0.10 per word. Low DA links start at $43, while high DA links (DA50+) start at $449 per placement. If you want high-quality SEO reseller services through Fat Joe, be prepared to pay extra.

3. The Hoth

the hoth review

The Hoth is a reseller SEO company focused on SEO, content, and PPC. Agencies that use The Hoth for reselling SEO can access a simple dashboard, where all campaigns are organized. It’s an easy system to use.

One upside to using The Hoth as an SEO reseller company is that they offer a special credit bonus to bulk buyers. There’s also a client organizer tool designed for agencies ordering bulk content.

The Hoth provides reputable content and links. Although, agencies don’t get much control over who they work with, as you order through a dashboard and not a dedicated account manager.

The Hoth’s services included:

  • Managed SEO and PPC
  • Content creation
  • Link building
  • Local SEO


The Hoth has loads of different pricing packages available. Blog content ranges from $70 to $480 depending on the writing plan and word count. Guest post links start at $100 and go up based on the strength of the link. Video content ranges between $200 to $1200 depending on the video request.

4. Link Graph


LinkGraph is an SEO reseller provider that provides a fairly extensive range of SEO services. One great thing about this company is its different areas of SEO specialization. For example, you could order local SEO, BigCommerce SEO, technical SEO, on-page SEO, and plenty more.

From a technical side, LinkGraph is one of the better SEO reseller service providers. They do offer content as a standalone service as well.

LinkGraph also offers specialized SEO campaigns for different industries. This includes eCommerce SEO, enterprise SEO, and Saas SEO. 

LinkGraph’s services include:

  • Link building
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Managed SEO services
  • PPC management
  • Content strategy
  • Conversion Rate Optimization


New blog content from Link Graph starts at $250 per post, with prices increasing based on the content plan and word count. Managed SEO services start at $2500 per month, with prices increasing depending on the scale of the business and its individual needs. You can buy links starting at $140, going up in price based on the quality of the site.

5. Click Intelligence

click intelligence white label seo

Agencies after full-service SEO often prefer Click Intelligence as they offer a wide range of SEO reseller services for all kinds of clients.

Click Intelligence is a seriously extensive SEO reseller business. Unlike many other companies, Click Intelligence offers more niche services like iGaming link building, Twitter advertising, content seeding, and press releases to name a few.

This is good for agencies because it offers a lot of areas to outsource your services to resell to clients. If you need more than just SEO, then Click Intelligence can probably help.

On the downside, having such a broad service offering might mean a less personalized service run by many different marketers. Many agencies prefer to work with an SEO reseller that has a more narrow focus, and deeply specializes in this.

Click Intelligence’s SEO Reseller Services:

  • Various managed SEO plans
  • Link building
  • Paid search
  • Paid social
  • Content writing
  • Content marketing


As there are so many different services on offer, Click Intelligence requires agencies to join a call with a sales rep. Prices are decided based on the individual requirements of each client.

6. Authority Builders

authority builders review

This SEO link reseller is one of the best. Agencies use Authority Builders for the high-quality backlinks that they offer. Authority Builders focuses on links and sells them through its relatively transparent marketplace.

This makes it really easy to buy great links. You can also be quite picky as to what type of link placement and domain you want your link on. So, if gaining links for clients is your main focus, then Authority Builders is definitely a good option.

The downside? They only offer links, and they’re quite expensive. If you need a content strategy or blog post written up, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Authority Builders’ SEO Reseller Services: 

  • Guest posts
  • ABC Plus (personalized link building services)
  • Link insertions
  • Citations
  • Link audits


Authority Builders' pricing varies massively based on the quality of the link and the website it's placed on. As the platform is pretty transparent, agencies do get quite a good grasp of what kind of link quality they pay for.

7. Complete White Label 

complete white label

As their name suggests, this is a dedicated SEO reseller platform. Complete White Label keeps it relatively simple - they offer link building, copywriting, and managed SEO. The company has a pretty large team, giving agencies the resources they need to scale their services.

You don’t get industry-specific services or specialised areas of SEO. Instead, you just get good quality content writing and backlinks. It’s a simple SEO reseller model, but it works for agencies that need trustworthy support.

Complete White Label’s Services:

  • Backlink packages
  • Blogger outreach (see our guide on blogger outreach strategies)
  • HARO link building
  • Copywriting
  • SEO audits
  • Managed SEO services


Optimized blog content starts at $57 for 500 words. Premium blog content starts at $120 for 500 words. Blogger outreach links start at about $150 per placement.

8. SEO Reseller

seo reseller

You can’t list SEO reseller companies without mentioning SEO Reseller - it’s in their name. Agencies can use all kinds of specialized SEO services through this company. Their local and eCommerce SEO plans are particularly worthwhile.

It’s important to note that SEO Reseller does not offer a content service as a standalone service. They strictly focus on full service SEO. They do a good job at it, but this does limit the options for agencies that just need a piece of the SEO puzzle.

However, SEO Reseller is really good at offering specialised SEO for different types of industries and clients. They offer industry-specific SEO plans on top of the more general SEO services available.

SEO Reseller’s Services:

  • SEO services
  • Local SEO services
  • Link-building SEO services
  • Industry-specific SEO services
  • Website design services
  • Social media services
  • PPC management services
  • Blogger outreach services


There are a couple of different SEO reseller plan options. SEO packages start at $600 per month and go up to $1600 per month based on the size of the business and SEO requirements. Low-quality backlinks start at $60, while you’ll pay $300 for a DA40+ backlink.

9. SEO Brothers


SEO Brothers is an SEO agency reseller that delivers customized SEO plans based on the needs of each client. They’re a good option due to the fact that they take a very hands-on approach, and their SEO services are tailored to each agency they work with.

The downside is that their services are rather limited, and they don’t have an extensive network of content writers and SEO experts to utilise. For agencies that need to scale up their SEO offer in a big way, this might be slightly limiting.

SEO Brothers’ Services:


Because SEO Brothers offers custom plans to each agency, they have no standard SEO reseller pricing options available. You will have to hop on a call with them to discuss your specific SEO requirements.


SEO reselling is a simple idea, but it can be tricky to get right if you work with the wrong company. The best SEO resellers should complement what your agency offers, deliver high-quality work, and offer the ability to easily scale up.

The nine companies outlined above are some of the best options available. Sure, some of them have their downsides, but each one offers something slightly unique.

SEO Reseller FAQs

What are SEO reseller services?

SEO reseller services are when marketing agencies use another SEO company to outsource client work. The SEO reseller service sells SEO work to agencies, who can reuse these services to clients under their own names. In this case, the client-facing agency is just the middle man between the SEO reseller and the client.

What are the pros and cons of reselling SEO services?

The pros of working with an SEO reseller are that agencies can easily scale up their SEO offering without having to invest in an SEO team. You can also offer a wider range of services, and easily meet rising client demand if your resources are short. The cons are you can’t always guarantee the quality of services that you receive. SEO reseller services often lack personalisation. You also have less control over what you offer.

SEO resellers vs white label SEO, what's the difference? 

Basically, there isn’t a difference. Call it white label SEO or SEO reselling, the same idea applies. Agencies use other SEO companies to perform work for their clients, which they resell to their clients.

Tom Kotze

Tom is an experienced copywriter and content marketer. He has been writing for Contentellect since 2018, and has covered every niche under the sun. Tom has a hospitality background and was a restaurateur/coffee shop owner before starting his content marketing career.

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